Sire 2nd V7 Vintage Swamp Ash (questions)

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  1. Eroyak


    Nov 17, 2019
    Hello everyone,
    I just found 2nd(so he says) Gen sire vintage V7 for a really good price but im suspicious about one thing.

    -It does not have Sire x Marcus Miller logo on pick-ups so just looking by pictures i cant tell if its 2nd gen or not can you guys help me ?

    Screenshot_20200615-162924_sahibindencom.jpg Screenshot_20200615-162928_sahibindencom.jpg Screenshot_20200615-162938_sahibindencom.jpg Screenshot_20200615-162933_sahibindencom.jpg
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  2. a-37


    Apr 23, 2015
    Comparing to pictures of a 2nd gen vintage v7 swamp ash natural on Thomann's webstore it looks to me like the text on the headstock should look white on those close-ups. (It will, however, look dark like the one you are considering when seen from an angle like in the last picture here.) 2nd gen serial numbers start with "2N" and the battery compartment cover is wood not plastic but (maybe suspiciously?) there are no pics from the back of this one...
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  3. Eroyak


    Nov 17, 2019
    Thank you for reply!

    Soo afterwards i did my research and asked him to send pictures of back, serial number and stuff... Then he told me that he accidentally "Named sale as 2nd gen and talked to me like it is 2nd gen"... Soo maybe he was trying to dump someone to sell 1st gen sire same price as 2nd gen.