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  1. Jan Dawnson

    Jan Dawnson

    Dec 6, 2021
    The Sire V5 is a beautiful bass that sounds killer. I don't know how they can give you so much quality for so little money. In your opinion, would you do some upgrades on the V5? (bridge, electronics, pickups, tuning machines, etc...) or would you leave it stock? 1f914.png

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  2. I have not tried a V5 but purchased a V3 on a whim and I'm beyond pleased thus far. Ive owned many High end and low end basses and this one def. rivals the higher ends ive played. yes , its a sub $1,000 so be realistic but I dont think you will be disappointed. I did pickup some Bartolini pickups bc Ive always wanted a Jazz with Barts but thats just a personal thing. The only thing I may change is the capacitor for the tone but again its a personal choice. My tuners are solid as well as the bridge. I did not even need to set the bass up, spot on from the factory.
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