SOLD Sire P7 2nd Gen(4 string, Alder/Ebony, Sunburst) - $549 shipped

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    Jan 22, 2017
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    I got an excellent condition Sire P7 4 string in Tobacco Sunburst. Alder body, Ebony board, 2nd Gen. Neck is super straight, setup with low action and a set of Sunbeams. Gigged a couple of times and the plastic is still on the pick guard. Weighs in at 9lbs on my scale.

    I would love to keep it but recent purchases means I need to thin the heard. I have priced this to move since this thing is darn near mint.

    Includes a decent used gig bag and a nice Sire leather strap.

    No trades please.
    162082237_10101737180967331_9191129651128125367_n.jpg 162194071_10101737180827611_5610799572292474223_n.jpg 162390064_10101737180897471_5287647280079076986_n.jpg 162422032_10101737180792681_6246742697094263648_n.jpg 162541682_10101737180862541_2382601948219764211_n.jpg 162546703_10101737180932401_8647162913539502959_n.jpg
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