No longer available Sire P7 5 string white/pearl/Rosewood* Must See!

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  1. Timmy-Watts

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    Rare White/Rosewood with Pearloid pickguard, because I traded the original tort one for the pearl. I love it.

    These pickups are legit, and I'd say according to what I have read, they are like what is in the Version 2's. The bridge pickup is split coil and dead silent. Preamp is of course one of the best out there. I put stiff foam underneath and they are tight. I also took very fine sandpaper and smoothed out the top parts of both pickup covers to have a more satin, worn in feel, away from the original sharp and shiny feel. I have also tightened and set all the electronics so the pits are tight and the knobs turn smoothly, with all the knob markers straight up for middle. One knob has a little bump in the surface because it fits tightly on the pot and I needed to use needle nose pliers to remove it.

    I have played this at home and on a couple dozen wedding gigs, with no smoke or anything smelly ever coming into contact with it. My home is animal free and smoke free and it is always in the still new condition Sire gigbag when it is not being played. Otherwise, there are no kicks or scratches or damage to it anywhere, only the light swirling on the G string side of the pickguard where I slap on that one song every gig.

    In April I put it in the shop for a week for a full fret level and dress, and setup. It keeps low action with zero buzz and very even from string to string. It is strung with D'Addario XL nickels 45-105 with a 135 tapered B. The B string plays and sounds like a bass 3 or 4 times this price range, and better than any other Sire or Fender 5 string I have owned.

    The rosewood is nice and tight grained, a lot like Ebony. The pearl blocks are gorgeous, and the fretwork is superb to begin with, and even further refined by my pro tech. The tuners are a lot more solid and smooth than on the previous 3 Sires I have owned, again a feature on the Version 2's. The neck is nice and stable, and the truss rod is smooth and perfectly functioning. I replaced the original strap buttons with Dunlop dual design chrome ones. They w
    Did not fit very tightly at first, so I filled the holes using the toothpick and wood glue method, and they are now there to stay. This is the perfect jobbing bass. It weighs in at 9.8 pounds using the bathroom scale method, and I was surprised, since it balances so well and I have played dozens of 4 hour gigs with no fatigue. It has no trouble in the mix, and with that preamp I never have to turn around to twiddle knobs. I just replaced the batteries with fresh Duracells on 6/15/19.

    I am not one for superlatives or overstatement. Check my feedback to confirm my descriptions are conservative, and know that this particular bass is a gem, and worth every penny I am asking. I am going back to passive 4 string basses.

    Price includes shipping in the continental USA. PayPal is fine.

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    Still for sale? How much would shipping to Hawaii be (my zip code is 96744)?
  3. Timmy-Watts

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    Looks like you are not receiving private messages. I'll round down. Not as bad as I thought. Add only $15 for ground, but it would take up to 15 days. Add $45 for priority and it only takes 3 days to HI.
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    Still willing to sell?