SIT power cores!

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    I just received the set of .45-.105SIT power core strings I ordered from (Got them in 3 day for a great price.):hyper:

    There isnt much info on these strings, so Im gonna talk about my limited experience with them. The first thing I noticed was how they were packed. SIT strings.jpg
    The string package was taped in side of a thick piece of cardboard, then enclosed in a bubble wrap envelope (more than expected for standard shipping)

    strings on.jpg They are exposed hex core, the E, A and D strings don't have any type of wrap over it where it contacts the saddle. These are spaced back with an extra ball end from an older set of strings to keep the exposed length past the saddle short, but would probably be the perfect length if strung though the body of a Bass. ( with the spacer the exposed part is about 3/16" past the saddle)

    The sound is good, no "warble" or unwanted out of tune overtones. (clips to come) Bright and clear, but not nearly as "clanky" or "zingy" as D'addario nickels with much stronger lows. The attack is sharp and the notes seem to sustain at a very even volume. If you use nickle strings and are looking for a clear sounding inexpensive string, I recommend you try these.

    The feel is very smooth, not pressure wound smooth, but close. I did notice much less finger noise than any of the steel strings I normally use ( that is to be expected) Near the ball end where the outer winding stops is wrapped tight, but could possibly scratch your fingers if you played over that part so be mindful of that.

    As far as tension goes, I didn't have to change my set up for the same gauge GHS contact cores. They feel very even from string to string with a slightly softer E. I did notice they seemed to be much easier to bend and fret than the previous strings and didn't buzz at all with a very low set up.

    There is not any silk on either end of these, which may matter to some people, but it keeps cost down and IMO looks better than frayed or silks that don't line up.
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