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Six Bassists Onstage it the Same Time? It Happened this Weekend in Michigan!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by DennyOnBass, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Some of you from the midwest may be acquainted with the Earthwork Music Collective. This weekend was their annual Harvest Gathering, a festival held on the Earthwork Farm in Lake City, MI. Three stages and lots of great music, 84 artists over three days.

    I participated Saturday afternoon in an impromptu all-bass jam called "Basses Loaded." After a quick rehearsal at noon, we did a half hour set that was comprised of two sixes, two fives, and two uprights. We jammed on "The Day the Bass Players Took Over the World," and two improvised jams, one that briefly segued into "School Days."

    I'm not familiar with everyone's last names, but participants were Sam (guitarist for UV Hippo) and Jeff (formerly of Grasshoppa) on sixes, Brian (bassist for UV Hippo) and myself (bassist for Thelonious Getdown) on fives, and Leslie (Mossy Mountain Band) and Brennan (The Macpodz) on upright.

    It was a very loose performance that ranged from some pretty cool jams to musical strangeness. The crowd dug it and we received a lot of compliments, probably as much for the uniqueness as anything.

    I'm hoping that some pics or a recording will surface sometime soon, but it was a unique and very fun experience and wanted to share.

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