Six degrees of seperation...

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  1. So I'm readin my daily, ahem, "broadsheet", and it has an article about how one man is out to prove (or disprove) the whole theory of "six degrees of seperation", i.e. how one total random stranger on one side of the world can somehow be related to another person in some form or fashion without even knowing it.

    It gives an example about how one woman met this guy in Barcelona, who it turned out had known her ex, threw a big party and while she was still going out with this guy, she was invited, but these two never met..or something like that...

    Anyway, has anyone had any of these wierd goings-on happining to them? I feel like we should help this guy in his work. :)
    (The scientist-dood is called Duncan J Watts based in Columbia University. He's managed to link one stranger to 60,000 people..)
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    No! that would be Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence!!! GRRR :D

    my work here is done
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    ME - Lisa Marie Presley *sexxxxy*

    I know my dad, who knows his sister, who went to school with elvis, who had a wife.. who had lisa marie!

    .....and thats six degrees of nick curley to lisa marie presley!