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Six string Help!??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by castleshade13, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Hello, um i'm kinda new to this btw so please bear with me!

    I intend to buy a new bass and hopefully one with six strings and i looked at the Ibanez SR5006E prestige



    link to product page

    and it seems just right for me i do alot of slap, jazz classic style rock and Dream theaterish but not as "heavy" oh also i do do a few slow solos expet for jazz when they are more upbeat

    anyway my concern is the B and C string jut out at an angle from the nut and i am worried if the nut with wear down too quickly as i play about an hour a day but some night when i preform it can be up 4 hours some times more!

    any advice anyone can give in relation to that perticular bass, six strings and the problem/ not problem with the headstock would be MUCH appreciated, or maybe even give me reason for/ against a six string
    as i was trying to decide on a 5 or 6 string

    either way any and all advice will be of GREAT help!

    Anyway any help will be great


  2. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    Ibanez basses are just getting better and better, and that one's the top of the line.

    What do you play now? The 16.5mm spacing is not for everyone.

    Anyway don't worry about the string beyond the nut - it's not the most drastic i've seen. The current design is also great at reducing headstock weight.
  3. Thanks!

    Currently i switch between an american standard 5 string P-bass and a 4 string Cravin Icon so the ibanez is a good combo i think,

    do you think i could slap and pop with the 6string with the 16.5mm?

    sorry i'm mostly self taught and i'm fairly new to slap and pop but i can do it fairly decently but not great i can do it on 17.5mm spacing without hitting other strings so....

    thanks for the help its just my band mate said he thinks the B and the C the angle will cause it to wear down quickly as i plan to have it for several years will that effect it?

  4. I can slap on a 16.0 mm 5 string fairly easy now (be warned it took me a lot of practice to work up my slapping accuracy, so it might take some adjusting to), that is one seriously kick ass looking 6 string if you do get it by the way.
  5. Thanks my band mates were putting it down so i decided to ask some real bassists!

    thanks for all advice guys!

    may i ask what advantages does the 6 string add i automatically thought 6 string as i want to do jazz and solos in songs aswell as some solo performances i was looking at the 5 string one aswell just thought i'd ask

    thinking about it do i actually "need" the C string?

    what advantages in all aspects not just having more notes under one hand position and the ability to hit higher notes and chords but i mean how you need to adjust technique width of neck ect

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