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Six-string piezo and double-P

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Aaron Saunders, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Humbucker + P-bass

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  2. Humbucker + Piezo

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  3. Humbucker + Jazz

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  4. 2 Jazz

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  5. 2 Jazz w/ Piezo

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  6. Jazz + P-bass

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  7. Piezo + P-bass

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  8. Piezo + 2 P-bass

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  9. Other (please specify)

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  1. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    I'm doing a focus program at my school next year where I get to make my own bass. They supply the wood, shop, and know-how, you supply everything else. I'm looking at various pickup configurations right now, and Gerald Veasley's double inversed p-pickup bass with piezos has me very interested. The entails several questions:

    1. Who makes six-string piezo bridges?
    2. How different is the reaction to tapping from regular magnetic pickups?
    3. How much might a piezo bridge cost?
    4. How does inverting the p-pickup change the sound?
    5. What companies make five and six string p-pups?

    Now, about different configs:

    6. Who makes MM-style sixer humbuckers?
    7. How much might they cost?
    8. How do they sound with a p-pup?
    9. How might a humbucker sound with a piezo?
    10. Finally, what pickup config would you reccomend for me?

    I do a lot of chordal, lead-type bass stuff, as well as tapping. However, I also do funk and Primus, I'll be doing classic rock covers starting next September, and I'm going to be in the school's jazz band starting around that time too. I would PREFER to run this passive, but I won't object to active pickups or a preamp.

    EDIT: At the moment, I have a Samick P/J with Basslines SPB-2, SJB-2, and an Aguilar OBP-3. I really love the tone from the SPB-2 but the SJB-2 is just NOT my thing. I may be splitting with the folks on a Yamaha BB404 fretless depending on how well my exams go, and when I get a job later this semester I'll be buying a G&L Tribute L2500 (fretted, most likely, but if I really dig the fretless I'll get it like that instead).
  2. bound


    Dec 28, 2003
    Jersey, Baby!
    I'm working on a six-string with a piezo bridge from RMC, but i'm using a pair of Bart triple coils and wiring them up as a giant p-bass pickup. I bought the bridge a few years ago, i'm pretty sure i cost me a bit less than 200 bucks, but i'm not sure on the exact price.
    As far as active electronics go, yu're going to need a preamp to run the piezo, so i'm not sure if you'll be able to match the output of the bridge and passive pickups without an active pre on the magnetics. double check this, though, as i'm not totally knowledgeable on electronics, and have only a basic understanding of the piezos.
    good luck, and be sure to post pics when you're done, i'll be posting some of mine once this thing starts looking more like a guitar.
  3. Skips


    Feb 19, 2003
    I'd go with a Piezo + HB + P personally.
    You can buy six single-string bridges here (last one on page)
    for not too expensive.
    www.allparts.com has some 6-string piezo brdiges--do a search for "piezo" rather than anything else as their search engine tends to be rather..um...useless, to put it mildly (and the spelling errors in the descriptions don't help either. ;))
    You will need a pre-amp if you want piezos, so passive won't be an option.

    for your questions:
    1. ABM, I think Schaller as well. Check allparts.com and guitarelectronics.com and Shadow-pickups.com
    2. Piezos are very bright, and I think they work well for tapping. Having a Split pickup in the neck position will help a lot for tapping because it evens out the sound, and makes the different strings a more even volume. Or so I'm told--I use soapbars for tapping. I find that 2 identical pickups out of phase gives a very articulate tapping tone (which is pretty much useless for all other playing styles--so put in a phase switch)
    3. for a 6-string you're looking between $200-$300 for the bridge, and then another $100-$200 for the peizo pre-amp.
    4. I don't know about inverting the Ps--I have a BC Rich liek that but it has no stings on it so I can't tell you. I've had a friend tell me it makes no difference; I'd assume you'd loose the tapping advantage described above.
    5. I don't know.
    6. Carvin springs to mind for making ones that aren't very expensive
    7. check carvin.com, and assume everything else will cost more.
    8. Good.
    9. Fine.
    10. Piezo+MMHB+P.

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