SKA man!

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  1. yes i left Lynyrd,Lemmy,and several other rockers at the curb and have been cruising with the Skatalites man!:hyper:,i'm diggin' the reggae ska stuff!!

    so i'm considering a 5 string(wouldn't hurt anyway to have one) and what sort of strings /tuning would be a starting point to reggae/rocksteady/ska with a 4-banger?

    also would a tele RI like the Squire sunburst versions deliver a bit more thud,no make that THUD! due to pickup/P/U location?(just sold a 450 dollar flyrod and a strat copy on eBay so i'm thinking buy another bass quick before the wife finds out,set it up for skatalitin!!!:bassist:

    ya man!:eek:
  2. Tuning, BEADG. I like DR Hi beams, but those are very trebly stainless steel. You probably want some kind of nickel strings.
  3. M0ses


    Sep 11, 2009
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    The cool thing about ska is that you can absolutely anything you want.

    Well, ONE of the cool things.
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    Jul 30, 2008
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    For ska/reggea i dig worned in D'addario chormes. They have clarity and thud. I also have them strung to a pbass.
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    Sep 26, 2008
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    P-bass + Chromes + tone control at about 1/4 = thumpy ska goodness.
  6. chromes on a p bass,of course i need to move up and onward ampwise from my practise amp(old TNT)no i mean the orig TNT 100,great to keep in the corner of a bodyshop and all that but not diverse enough,sold all my pedals off,and a buddy wants it(the TNT) to practise with so maybe i should(set the hook;)

    anyway thanks folks i'm def. on lookout for a new amp/ cab or combo