SKB 8U Roto Rack

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    Now that my rack gear is gone, I have no need for my 8 space rack. It's an SKB-R8 Roto Rack. It's in very good condition. I've seen these new for as low as $130, so I'm willing to sell for $75 plus shipping. I'll also entertain trades for items of similar value. There's nothing I'm really looking for other than some EBS pedals (which I would trade this towards), but I'llentertain any interesting offers.

    The specs are:

    Outer Dimensions:
    22" W
    23 3/4" D
    17 3/4" H

    Inner Dimensions:
    Front Rail - Back of Case: 19"
    Front Rail - Rear Rail: 17"
    Lid Depth: 2"
    Max. Width / Height: 17" / 14"

    I'll include all of the mounting hardware that I have, which should be around 24-30 of the mounting bolts.

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    pm'd ya!
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