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SKB Freedom Cases: Cargo-Safe?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by masterhiggins, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. masterhiggins


    Apr 22, 2005
    Hi, Guys. I recently bought an SKB Freedom Bass Case for a new guitar of mine and I plan to take a trip in the near future that involves plane travel. Has anyone had any luck checking these particular cases when flying? Do you suggest that I return the case and purchase the more expensive one? Or is checking guitars with luggage a stupid idea to begin with?

  2. I wouldn't recommend the Freedom case for checking on a flight, although it will probably survive 99% of the time. I have one freedom case for my Lakland Skyline Bob Glaub - it is great for packing in a van, but a little rough handling could puncture it in the airline baggage handling world, I think.

    I would recommend either an aluminum Flight case or the SKB Bass Safe - where you load a gig bag in the hard case. Bass Safe

    This only works well if you have a very high quality gig bag that fits snugly in the Bass Safe.
  3. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    If you're gonna fly date....
    You need a REAL ATA case. Not a fake ATA. A REAL one. That means ball corners and all recessed hardware including the handle.

    If it ain't ATA....and something bad happens, you give airline insurance a loop hole at the worst possible time.

    If you can't do that, Take the neck off, break it down and case it so it fits into the overhead compartment guidelins and never let it out of your sight.

    Back in the day when I was an electrician, I had the opportunity to do the remodel of the jacksonville international airport. I have seen what goes on in the loading bays.

    Expect that instrument case at least once to get thrown six to ten feet.
  4. Rockgurl


    Dec 17, 2004
    CT, USA
    I bought one and took it back to the store. There's nothing wrong with it exactly, and I only bought it because I couldn't find the Gator case I wanted. I thought it was a cheap Gator imitation so I returned it. For a flight case I totally recommend Gator cases as they're ATA specific and use military grade Polyethylene are virtually indestructible! Gator Cases I found my Gator case on musiciansfriend.com and paid about $100 for it.

    I don't know why the guitar cases are different but I bought an SKB X-Rack case for my GK head and I love it. I took that on the plane to California and had no problems with it. I just didn't trust the guitar case.

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