SOLD Skjold 6 Sold for $3200

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    I decide to list these three six string bass guitars together, because the majority of bassists are unwilling to play a six string bass. There are valid reasons not to and I get it isn’t for everyone. Personally, they are all I play. It allows you to utilize bass chords to their potential. It provides more comfort being able to change positions and use different muscle groups. It even changed the way I view the instrument in a writing / recording capacity. In my opinion, every bassist should own at least one six string.

    I need to sell one bass to round up some cash. I should sell two but I would rather not as I very much enjoy all three of them. I would sell / trade all three for the right MTD or other high end bass guitar. No equipment offers please, I am set in that regard. I am mainly looking for cash. So in a way, the first or second buyer is making the decision for me. Make your offers early, because at some point, I will be taking the listing down.

    Dingwall NG3 - Purchased new by me in April 2020. The Ducati White swirl is no longer offered. (An identical bass is on Reverb for $3200). If you want the full benefits of a multiscale bass, get one with six strings. I have the pick guard and its never been used. $2400 Shipped CONUS

    Skjold Slayer - 34” scale, 17.5mm spacing, 7.8lbs on my bathroom scale! Spanish cedar body, Center cut Maple / Purple Heart / center cut mapleneck, african ziricote fretboard. This bass options out as an Exotic Series Skjold. My #1 is a 33”, six string Skjold Drakkar. Having two of an amazing thing is allowing this one to be available. A steal at $3200 shipped conus.

    Stambaugh 35” scale, 17.5mm, roasted maple top, Birdseye maple fretboard, mahogany back and stingers, center cut maple neck, Birdseye maple fretboard. Bart PU, cocobolo covers, Audrey 3 band pre. Top of the line craftsmanship. A work of art and plays equally amazing as it looks! $2300

    All of these bass guitars are in perfect working order with minor cosmetic blemishes. I have a couple case options which can be discussed. Please name which bass you’re interest in, in the title of your private message. All questions would be preferred in private messages. I have more pictures that can be sent upon request.

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    Jun 19, 2020
    The Skjold top is Marble wood. I forgot to add that.
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    All of those basses are gorgeous! GLWTS :)
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    Jun 19, 2020
    Your Stambaugh, is in my top 10 most beautiful Bass guitars I’ve ever seen!
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    Geez... not enough :drool: emojis for this classifieds thread :D

    Beautiful basses, my advice is keep em all :smug:
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    Aye yi yi...
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    stambaugh weight?
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    Jun 19, 2020
    10.2Lbs on my bathroom scale. Mahogany is dense, which gives this bass zero neck nice. If you need it a more accurate weight, I can drive to my work and borrow their shipping scale.
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    that's close enough for jazz.