Skunk Stripes Popping Out On 2 1998 Geddy Lee Necks

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    Apr 6, 2008
    Hi everyone...

    I have a NOS 1998 original run Geddy Lee Jazz that has pretty much been in a Fender tweed case for the last 10 years or so in a climate controlled room. It was set-up back in 1998 (and is STILL set up, amazingly) and it hasn't had a full song played on it.

    I got it out the other night for the first time in a few years, and I noticed the skunk stripe is "popping out" from the neck; the headstock side of the stripe is sticking out about 1/64" or maybe a hair more. It feels as if you can slightly push it "in." Only the first few inches of the skunk stripe seem to be doing this; the closer toward the body, the problem isn't evident; even the finish is intact past the first few inches of the problem.

    I have another Geddy Lee neck installed on a 1998 CIJ '75 sunburst ash Jazz bass of the same vintage (1998); the neck was purchased and installed on that bass in the same month I got the Geddy Jazz bass back in '98. That bass too has been stored in a Fender tweed case, basically unplayed. Again, the set-up is still perfect after all these years, but on the 2nd Geddy neck the skunk stripe too is popping out...but not nearly to the extent of the 1st one. Storage conditions are the same, same room, same temperature. Both basses and cases are in cardboard boxes (to protect the tweed cases), but are unsealed.

    None of the other 70+ basses in the room have this other basses, no other Fenders. Just the Geddy necks.

    The necks still play great, and are straight...again they are still set-up fine. You can "feel" the skunk stripes sticking out, however, which is annoying.

    Any idea what could be causing this? If it were temperature changes and different wood expansion rates, it would seem some of the other dozens of basses would exhibit similar problems but they don't. Only the Geddy necks.

    The necks are mighty thin, but that would make the necks more prone to warping and twisting...which they absolutely are NOT. They are stable as can be after all these years. It seems that the glue that holds the skunk stripes in has failed.

    Has anyone else had this problem on these necks? Any ideas?


  2. ggoat!!!

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    Apr 6, 2008
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  3. I recently purchased a 2008 fender tele guitar from a pawnshop that had that aswell. Only the highest end of the stripe and it barely sticks out. I'd like some input too!