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sky acoustic bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by korey L, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. korey L

    korey L

    Jul 21, 2010
    Im looking for a acoustic bass to take with me backpacking in philmont (11 day backpacking trip). I saw this and thought well its cheap and looks like a short scale so I thought that I would go for it. I decided to ask on here if it was good because there was only one review on it and it was 1 star. If any has had experiance with please tell me if its good. im not really looking for great quality because ill probably only use it for camping.
  2. Fangofdoom


    Aug 20, 2010
    Hey I was about to post a thread almost exact as yours... so, did you bought the bass?
  3. Bought one and sold it. Now I have an Ibanez AEB 5. Twice the bread for an infinitely better bass. The Sky allowed me to learn that I am a short scale guy. I'll say that for it. Once I adjusted the truss rod to where there was no fret buzz, I needed to install blinking lights on the strings so low flying planes wouldn't get caught in them if I layed it down flat. The fret ends were sharp enough and stuck out far enough so you could use it as a saw in emegancies. I filed them down. I decided to replace it when I started playing out on it and wanted something more playable.

    The person who bought it only wanted it for playing around the house and to learn bass. She liked the small size and had a chance to play it before she bought it.

    If you want it merely for when you don't want to use your amp, you may find it adequate. Otherwise, save your money. My Ibby usually goes for $200, but I had a $30 off coupon. I prefer my SS Jaguar, but the Ibby has a place. It's all I need for an ABG.
  4. Fangofdoom


    Aug 20, 2010
    Well... i was expecting a not so good bass; but I just wanna know if it stays in tune and sounds not so bad as an acoustic. My idea was to be able to take it to camping and to play around the house. Sorry I didn't understand you exactly; is it a short scale? Thank you
  5. It is short scale and should be OK for what you want it for. I don't think you need to worry about it going out of tune while you're playing it, but it would be wise to check it nest time you play it. IIRC, my Snark tuner worked for tuning. My other clip-on tuner did not. My plug-in tuner worked fine. I never changed the strings on mine, but loosened them once to put a fretboard conditioner on it. I learned that the strings hold the nut in place.

    For the bux, it will be loud enough for around the house and sound fine. I used it to work out bass parts for songs I wanted to learn. I don't know if ANY ABG will be loud enough for jamming, especially outdoors. Maybe if you use a pick? Have a file handy for the fret ends and don't lose the hex key that comes with it. If you have never messed with filing fret ends or adjusting a truss rod, you won't find a better bass to learn on. After all, how badly can one mess up a $100 instrument?

    Actually, I have kind of a soft spot for it's sound through a PA. Sort of uprightish.

    You may like this bass. If you buy it, I hope you do. My purpose in my admittedly nasty post was to alert you to what you may be walking into and put you on to what you may find to be a much better alternative for not too much more money. Mine got me to ditch my regular scale basses, which has increased my enjoyment of playing over all, so I can't really complain.

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