Slap Bass Program by Alexis Sklarevski

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    SOLD -- in 25 minutes

    Here's the real deal. I was digging around in my stuff this morning and came across this video. Bought it years ago and never got into it. Just picked up Ed Friedland's Slap Bass on DVD from a TBer (thanks FunkyLemz) and I like it better any way. Figured I'd put this one out there for the TB community.

    VHS format (of course)

    NEAR MINT condition. I don't think I even watched but the first 15-20 minutes maybe 2-3 times at most.

    Original video box, original booklet. Back page of booklet is a little wrinkled, but not badly and no torn pages. No marks or notes in book.

    I've got no idea what these go for here, but one recently sold on eBay for $26.00 with no book. How about $30.00 shipped PayPal included?


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