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    I have been playing bass for a year ( give or take a month) and I have been doing 99% fingers at lessons. Would it be wise to now start going into slap bass and develop that??

    I know a large amount of music theory. How long would it take to get fairly well and produce done at doing slap?

    I also see a lot of books on the subject, would any of you recommend a book for this?

    I appreciate your knowledge, Thank you.
  2. Christopher


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    Theory doesn't really open up slap playing as it's primarily a percussive technique.

    Most slap lines are built on octaves and simple pentatonic scales - you won't (usually) hear much chromaticism in slapped lines.

    Best way to get good is simply to do it. There's no "prep" to be done. Just keep that right wrist and forearm loose and remember to mute with your left hand. If you want materials, Alex Sklarevski's "Slap Bass Program" video is a good place to start.
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    Not the SB-Bible, lolz...
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    Best video on the market![​IMG]