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Slappin Da Bass "I Love You Man"

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by bluewine, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. bluewine

    bluewine Banned

    Sep 4, 2008
    I am not sure how many of you saw the movie "I love you Man" but the whole "Slappin Da Bass " routine. I did not like, it was not funny.

    It's hard enough being a bass player and they go and degrade the whole art form.

  2. i thought it was hilarious XD lighten up. ahahha
  3. bluewine

    bluewine Banned

    Sep 4, 2008
    The movie was hilarious, especially the line about why the hot chic's husband would not cheat on her in Vegas.

    I guess I have never been a slappin kind of guy.
  4. Nappa


    Dec 20, 2006
    Fargo,North Dakota
    Very good movie.
  5. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Kinda didn't like it. Tryin' too hard.
  6. i can see why it would annoy people. it is a common stereo type. but i just dont really mind
  7. Better than I expected, and they get bonus points for making Rush part of the story line, AND having them in the movie.

    Yeah, the "slappin da bass, mahn" schtick was lame...otherwise, there were some genuinely funny moments, and a good story.
  8. I agree with Gard. I really enjoyed the movie but felt the "slappin de bass" was a tad overdone.
  9. Joe Gress

    Joe Gress

    Dec 22, 2005
    Pueblo, CO
    Haven't seen it. Worth $7, or wait?
  10. santucci218


    Jan 26, 2007
    go see it
  11. I think it's worth it. Just smuggle in your own snacks.
  12. bluewine

    bluewine Banned

    Sep 4, 2008

    I went to the matinee $5.00, worth it.
  13. J. Crawford

    J. Crawford Supporting Member

    Feb 15, 2008
    Pail Blart or this.

    My dad chose Paul Blart.

  14. Joe Gress

    Joe Gress

    Dec 22, 2005
    Pueblo, CO
  15. Any movie that includes Rush and Lou Ferrigno as plot devices gets a thumbs up in my book.
  16. cujjo91


    Jul 29, 2007
    B.C. Canada
    Every time he said "slappin da bass" I couldn't stop laughing. So I approve of it. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are hilarious.
  17. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    i just watched the clip on youtube.

    Maybe it was out of context, but I thought it was stupid.

    Plus, Geddy doesn't slap!
  18. Nappa


    Dec 20, 2006
    Fargo,North Dakota
    The same actor can be seen in doing the same thing (the air bass) in the movie Knocked Up.
  19. rezin


    Sep 26, 2006
    Madison, WI
    i thought it was hilarious, the whole movie and the slap stuff. everything that mentions bass isn't an attack on it, it's just the character being goofy.

    they even have him playing a geddy sig for some of it.
  20. Valerus


    Aug 4, 2005
    Austin, Texas
    It was a great movie. I died laughing at the slappin da bass :D

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