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    Feb 3, 2001
    I am trying to improve my slapping. When i slap the sound is weak and i was wondering on how to improve on that and how do the rest of you slap? Any info on slapping would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Use the "Search" function at the top of any page here and use "slapping" as your search term. You'll find tons of info.
  3. hello pheonix,
    try this: for building the muscles that involve slapping,get a drum stick and grasp it in the middle.rotate your wrist back and forth as if the end of the stick was your thumb.this builds those muscles in your forearm
    do this for 3-5 minutes a day.also pulling some mids out of your bass can really help create a great slap tone.when you play your slap grooves,imagine people dancing,the movement and syncopation of rhythm' many young people play this super fast slap stuff and expect it to be funky.sorry but super fast slap bass is not funky.listen to marcus miller.
    the way he uses space in his slap playing.that space is where the funk comes from-the feel of it the soul.
    p e a c e.