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For Sale SlapStick tune-able electric percussion instrument

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Bob Wachunas, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Bob Wachunas

    Bob Wachunas Supporting Member

    Oct 30, 2017
    Santa Rosa, CA
    Up for sale is my favorite new instrument: a brand new electric percussion SlapStick N-100. (Don't worry, I have more than one.) This remarkably simple instrument sounds like a slap bass and is instantly addictive and insanely fun to play. Picture a metal shipping band strapped across an aluminum tube. Now you've got the picture! There is a tuning knob at the top, and a small pickup wired directly to a guitar jack at the bottom. Designed and built by musical mad scientist Andy Graham right here in Santa Rosa, CA.

    I find the SlapStick is great for playing funky music; and it is the ultimate analog instrument to add to synth/electronic compositions. Techno grooves take on a whole new dimension when the SlapStick joins the party. Add some distortion for a heavy fuzz-bass sound. (Hammond B3 legend Dr. Lonnie Smith plays the Electric Walking Stick version of this very instrument, typically applying some tasty distortion.) A tiny amount of flex present in the aluminum tube allows notes to be bent for a subtle vibrato effect; or up to several full steps for a more extreme whammy effect (check out the video in the link below).

    Why do I love this instrument?

    - anyone can play cool basslines just by tapping their fingers on it
    - 1/4" jack plugs into any bass, guitar, or keyboard amp, or other musical gear
    - custom single-coil pickup generates immense tone and zero hum
    - the instrument itself is one long twangbar
    - instantly addictive and super-easy to play
    - ultra-lightweight and fits in a suitcase
    - practically indestructible

    I am asking $150 plus shipping, or pick up within Sonoma county. I would also consider a trade of other gear for the SlapStick if you are local. Currently I am looking for an octave pedal and a set of Taurus pedals or other bass synth pedal.

    You can check this instrument out at www.slaperoo.com.

    Send me a PM if you want to hear some SlapStick grooves I have recorded.
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