Slightly chipped tooth?

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  1. Just minutes ago my tooth started feeling weird, very rough at the tip. It's my front-left tooth, whatever it's called. I checked in the mirror and it appears to be chipped a bit, maybe due to the Halls I was chewing on earlier? Anyways I'm a bit freaked out. It's not very noticeable (it's very small) and it doesn't hurt, but I'm not sure what to do next. I know I can get it contoured a bit to smooth it out... can a dentist fix it up or do I have to see a specialist for that?
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    Jan 24, 2003
    I had that once. You can go to the dentist and they can fill it in with some kind of enamel-like stuff so it looks just like the tooth.
  3. Just got one fixed last week. My wife left her purse and coat on the steps. I fell and, you guessed it. I was told I need to watch where I am walking, in the dark, on the steps. I went in and the dentist made it as good as new. He even matched the color. I wish my teeth were snow white, but...
  4. I did this recently aswell. I was in a bar, drinking a beer, and someone knocked my arm as i was pouring it into my mouth and it chipped me frontleft tooth aswell. When I went to the dentist, he said filling something so small was pointless,, so he just filled it to be smooth and all one length.
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    Grab some pliers and pull it out you girl.


    Worked for this guy! ^^