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  1. lizzyb


    Jul 9, 2003
    My very favorite gig story...

    We were playing at this firefighters fundraiser and so many bad things happened.

    1) I go to plug in my bass and it makes an incredibly loud buzzing noise, lucky i had brought a spare with me... unfortunatly it goes out of tune way to easily and doesnt get back into tune with all that much ease.

    2)our lead guitarist and singer had not been to any of our practices recently cause he had the flu. another of our singers couldnt make it therefor no one knew the lyrics to the songs, we had our lyrics with us but no music stand and none of the little kids were willing to be a music stand, we taped our music to a pole but our swinger still forgot most of the words to all the songs untill the other guitarists jumped in on the last chorus of the last song... that was useful.

    3) it was raining and thundering. we were on a metal stage with a bunch of wires we were under a tent but the big metal pole holding it up was right in front of us.

    4) a big metal pole in front of us, blocking the lead singer to from the audience... wait, maybe that was a good thing.

    talk about the gig from hell

    but it was actually kinda fun....
  2. Heh, that's nothing:oops: Now if that giant metal pole in front of the singer was hit by lightning, then it would be a godd story:eek:

    Aah, I'm just kidding. At least you have fond memories, that's all that matters, eh:)
  3. I thought you were going to say that in the middle of a set an alarm bell went off and suddenly all the firemen started sliding down the pole...