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  1. I loathe "genre's". I'm talking extreme metal in this one whatever you call it, mainly Slipknot. My wife hates everything they stand for and refuses to "allow me" to listen to it within earshot of anyone she likes, have merchandise around the house or jam songs with friends (which is rare I hate playing those tunings anyway).

    I've always liked the music and the effect it had on me except during my depression where it became very infectious to my already unstable mental health and I could not risk exposure to any kind of metal as I took it all too seriously. (Pantera also used to give me road rage in those years, for example).

    One argument I have always maintained is that it is rather innovative music (to me), very powerful (to me and fans) and very suited to the genre's of both music and film that it supports in the correct context.

    Her arguments include references to troops listening to metal at war to alter their mindsets, influence on impressionable minds that are at risk of harm self or otherwise, and the general acceptance of aggression. One thing we both agree on is the general shift in lyrical personalisation of violence, the one-on-one "want to get you back" violence that was not as readily available through earlier metal bands I enjoyed - Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and to a much lesser extent, Slayer.

    Just curious what peoples thoughts are on Slipknot, the whole scene they represent and their skills as musicians and showmen?
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    Jun 6, 2000
    I just posted in a jazz thread and now i'm posting here.......

    I like Slipknot. In the very first band i was in we did a cover of sic.

    As far as the effect on me-if i'm really upset/pissed off, it calms me a bit. It really helps level me out. It can wake me up like coffee, yet at times it gives me a head ache.

    A few of my favorite songs of theirs: Sic, Wait & Bleed, Duality, and The Heretic Anthem-pretty much all of the Live CD.

    As far as the effect on people-i think it would be good "psych up music", but by the same token that it is good for that i feel it may be negative to a large chunk of people. The reasoning is that people need to be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. I feel that by and large people need to realize that all the violence and gore that is either explicitly sang or implied is just expression, figurative language, and fantasy.

    The guys as showmen and musicians-i think they do a great job. They present a package that people enjoy. I think the masks help people relate to the music more as odd as it sounds.
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    I'd have issues if my wife wouldn't "allow me" to listen to any type of music.
  4. I'm just picking this apart to chat..not to pick :)

    I almost did as well, caught about ten minutes of Jazz on the radio and forced myself to listen. I don't get it :)

    Can't say it's ever calmed me down as such. If I want to calm down I listen to ballads and rock songs I enjoy :)

    Here's an alarm bell for ya. My very fave SK song if I could only take one with me, is Everything Ends. The intro lyrics alone disturb me to my core, yet the music just moves me!!

    Other favourites include and I'm not typing it here but its the "They stick to my skin like beloved cysts" song. Also really love Eyeless, Wait and Bleed, People = **** (especially the bridge!!), Spit It Out, Left Behind and pretty much all the really in ya face songs off the IOWA album mainly.

    Yes. I used it to help prepare me for 2 Brazilian Ju Jitsu fights. I was almost DQ'ed in the first one after chasing the poor guy down and running him down off the mat, subbing him violently so he couldnt have time to tap out, then getting back up still reciting some lyrics which they mis-interpreted as abusing him after smashing him!

    Yeah I started listening to them at the wrong time. Interestingly I have always the philosophy you describe towards Cannibals Corpses' music :)

    Pity that package includes taking dumps on interviewers desks I guess ;)

    +10!! I agree mate, hence why I "quoted" the situation I was describing.

    Not always been the case but today she only "allows me" what I allow her to allow me :)

    Took me some decent counselling to get me there, but I am and it's all good.
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    Metal is like this, if the first time you hear it it doesnt excite you, it never will. You cant change her opinion.

    Im a metalhead to the core. It is my life.

    If it were me I would look for a divorce seriously, but maybe its not as big in your life as it is in mine. Thats your call. I couldnt be with a girl who didnt like heavy metal, it just wouldnt work.

    My only advice is that you can sit her down with you and watch the Movie METAL: A HEADBANGERS JOURNEY. It explains to people who are not into the scene why metalheads love it so much, and it explains everything. So try that out.
  6. Maybe I don't truly like it then. It was a developed taste for me.

    Naah mate she can't stop me indulging my tastes. She can stop me influencing our children with it (which I don't choose to do anyway) and she can choose to not have visual or aural queues, but I do feel her prejudice is more like a racist than someone that put the time and effort in to learn they don't appreciate it so I don't bother trying to change her.

    What I hate is when she sticks a Shania Twain CD on in the car and invades MY aural enjoyment then and justifies it becuase it's not shock music! Then we argue I don't want to that listen put the radio on. She says no so we end with no music playing. I'm a real hard ass to her in the control game nowadays :) I think she hates me for that actually :)

    But this threads about Slipknot, not my wife. Tell me what you all think abut SK - thats what I actually want to know! Gimme some consensus among real muso's who have diverse and openminded views towards music. She wanted and got a keyboard for Xmas, coz she "liked to play before" and everyone else in the family use it but her FFS!!! So she's not in the chain of influence on my choices, just on our mutual exposure to it HAHA
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    As musicians I dont think Slipknot a is a great group of musicians, with the exception of Joey Jordison. this is not a dis to them. My favourite bands are typically not the best musicians (KISS, LORDI, ect). SLipknot has a great chemistry within the band and the aggression that they create is awesome. They also put on a very good live show from what I have heard. I like Slipknot.

    But seriously have her watch Metal: A Headbangers Journey. That way she will at least have a basic understanding of what the metal scene actually is (versus the stereotypes) and what this music means to the people who listen to it. Its a very cool movie/doctumentary and it tells people what metal is really about, and it addresses all the critisisms. Its a good watch. Check it out.
  8. Yes, they do. Don't watch this at work, but watch the crowd when you do watch it. And check that bridge out!! "You can't be everything to everyone!"

    SK in Japan. Big crowd too, how many ppl ya reckon I think over 70K but my crowd estimation skills are nil :)

    I've not seen it myself so I've at least got a reason to grab a copy. Whether she wants to watch it is up to her, our relationship no longer extends to sharing each others individual tastes they are too different in a lot of things.
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    I love Slipknot, they renewed my interest in metal when it was fading out. My fave albums are the s/t and Vol.3. They're not anything to write home about as musicians (with the exception of Jordison as said above), but they have incredible energy on stage and write great songs, interesting, very successful artistically IMO. Having a great production sure helps of course. Saw them a couple of years ago in Athens, absolutely loved them live.
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    Actually Mick thompson isnt too bad of a guitarist.
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    Feb 12, 2005
    For some reason, listening to really "violent" music calms me down a lot more than listening to mellow music does.......

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