SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray is Peavey artist of the month

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    Sep 17, 2002
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    Slipknot bassist Paul Grey has been named Peavey's artist of the month.

    Bassist Paul Gray played his newly acquired Peavey rig throughout the sessions, pushing his sound with Peavey GPS® 2600 power amps, Pro 810* bass enclosures and the new Pro 1600* bass amp head with 1600 massive Watts of power.

    "I tried out a lot of different amps and I kept A/B'ing them with the Peavey stuff," says Gray. "The Peavey had huge low end and it was really tight and punchy. It sounded really good with everybody in the band playing. It really fit into the mix of the whole band."

    Paul will be performing with his Peavey rig all summer on Ozzfest. To read our exclusive interview with Paul Gray, visit

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