Slowounds Out Of Production?!?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by abhishek, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone.First of all let me congratulate everyone out here for running such a wonderful n info-rich forum for bassists.Really rocks!ok here goes..

    I'm from in this funk band for the past 4 years.called Liquid bass styles a lot into finger style and slap n pops.hate using a pick.i used to have a set of slowounds on my bass.recently when i decided to get them changed n put a fresh set on i got to know Daddario stopped making them!bloody hell!bad news or what?!so is there any chance in getting slowounds out here.

    if nothing works out could u recommend me a better set of strings for funky groovy music.prob in the likes of rhcp,primus n more classic terms like led zep n yes..i use a light gauge any advice on a new set would be appreciated.

    also do the daddario XL's measure upto the slowounds?!cos thts wt the site sez!!and id like to know out of the ernieballs,daddarios n ghs wt would do me good..cos stuff like DR n dean markley aare hard to find in India unless i get them shipped across!but u can let me know bout them as well so that anytime when i do go abroad i can pick up a set.THANKS IN ADVANCE! :)

    p.s:i met JOHN MYUNG 2 weeks back.OMG!!!!!
  2. oh btw the basses i own if they do make a difference in ur suggestions..

    i've a washburn rb2000 4 stringer active pikups

    the other bass that i own is a washburn taurus t25..5 stringer..passive

    both are maple neck n rosewood fingrboard.
    kinda partial top my 4stringer her..
  3. Welcome! :)

    This is my personal experience, and some will disagree. I think Dean Markley Blue Steels, DR Fat-Beams and Ernie Ball Slinkies are those strings that come closest to Slowound. But I have to say that I always thought Slowounds were a bit too dull sounding, so if you like them because they don't have the sizzling top like stainless steel strings has, then Blue Steels or Fat Beams might be quite a jump in the wrong direction (allthough you could turn the treble down on you amp, but that doesn't seem to be an option for them no-top-for-me-folks ;)). Generally I've found that the hard thing to replace in the Slowound sound was the punch and the full, almost singing midrange. For me Blue Steels does this the best (I think they're even better), but Ernie Balls are perhaps closest right away. They're just sound a little clumsy for lack of a better word. XL's are good also, but a little uninteresting and not so warm. A lot of former slowound users have tried DR Lo-Rider nickle strings with good results.

    Good luck :bassist:
  4. thx a ton carl.was least expecting a reply.almost gave up on checkin for replies n was kinda dissapointed.anyways ernie balls seem to be the light right now cos these are available in India unlike the DR' i guess next time i get outta the country a set of DR Loriders is what id pik up.ya n am not fond of the SS.tho havent actually played on them a lot.prefer nickels to SS.but have heard SS gives a brighter tonefor slap,so still confused.however nikcles seem to be easier on my fingers n fretboard,n also supposedly last longer!
  5. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    Just bought two sets of slow wounds from Sam Ash music store today, They still had a couple of sets on the shelf along with sets of prism's. I have prism's in stock at home but lucked up on the slow wounds! Yippy! :)
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