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small cabs avatar c15+b112

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassist31588, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. I want to know if these cabs would be good on my back while pushing a low B. I just want to know how if I were to use the C 15 as a standalone unit, how would it compare with the hartkevx115 which is in a considerably bigger cabinet...

    I'd most likely add the b12 to the c15 if I go avatar.

    Yes, I'm also doing a search, but I'd like to hear it on this page too... I'm using a hartke 3500 head. And would the vx410 by hartke be better than any of these cabs or should I just go with avatar? Keep in mind I'm pushing a Low B. Would you reccomend the 12 or the 15 avatar first as a standalone unit? I like a tight sound, have looked into avatar's 2x10's, but I heard that could eb a problem being used alone, and I've never like low Bs out of 2x10s, although 4x10s rule. But that's out of the question. I want the CHEAPEST rig yet that still is powerful. Basically Im looking for the answer to this question: "Which one will distort first, and which one would distort last?" Speaker farts are out of the question, I dont want that;)

    Choices are:
    -Hartke vx410
    -Hartke vx115
    -Avatar C15
    -Avatar B112

    Please rate them 1-4 in order to which is the better deal. I know I could prolyl do this by myself, but then again...

    yes, stop nagging me to do a search, I'm doing a search right now!:D

    Im also using a Hartke 3500 to drive these. it's sitting on top of my combo amp right now looking cool, but I dont want it there as a decoration:bassist:
  2. No.

    Why are you willing to accept a cab tuned at 50 ~ 60 Hz, when you want to play low B at 31Hz?

    It is possible you may be happy with an Avatar B112 at low B, but I doubt it. I figure the B112 response is down -25dB at 31 Hz. A -10dB difference is heard as 1/2 as loud.

    Before you buy, I suggest you audition the cabs and listen for yourself.
  3. thats what I was looking for. Everyone raves about avatar and they tell me that it doesnt matter what the cabs are tuned to, it'll handle ym low b just fine.

    Sorry guys, I'm just gonna go with the vx115. It handled the low B quite well, and I figured I'd probably lose some low end by getting a smaller cab for the same sized speaker.

    You guys diss hartke all the time and rave about avatar, but seriously... why? I just want to know "why"? I've never heard any good reasons other than "Hartke sucks, buy avatar cuz dave is a nice person!" BS.
  4. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesome

    Apr 2, 2001
    bassist31588-- I read your other thread and it sure looks to me like the people telling you to get Avatar weren't telling you to get the compact cabs. Not that they're 'bad,' but not for those who like a super deep low B sound.

    You should just get the Hartke VX115 if that's what you're set on, it looks like you're basically just looking for a confirmation of that choice anyway.

    I bet if Hartke published accurate specs for that cab, you'd find out that there's quite a bit of drop-off in the super-low range in that one as well. But that's not what you 'hear,' and why should that matter if you like the sound?
  5. Reefer

    Reefer Guest

    Mar 9, 2003
    Quit being so hard headed about wanting Hartke junk and get the Avatar. I promise you the components are much better than anything Hartke uses. Quit reading specs and use your ears. There is a reason so many people praise Avatar on this site. If they sucked people would say so, regardless of the price. I don't see many people praising the VX series. If you don't like the Avatar, just send it back. Also, if you want a comparable cab to the VX115, the Avatar BH115 is the cab.
  6. I wouldn't exactly say that

    "I promise you the components are much better than anything Hartke uses."

    Is true...Hartke has emince make it's speakers to put in the cabs...Although most people prefer the BXL, or XL over the TP(transporter) and the VX cabs...I like the sound of all of these, my preference is the XL, because the components hold up better over time, and they sound a little more crisp to me...YMMV

    I'm in NO WAY dissing Avatar Cabs, Dave is a nice guy who has answered any and all questions I've had to ask...The Delta 10's in the cabs naturally tune a little high, but that's how they're made, that's paper...A lot of guys get the cabs and love them, 5 string, 6, whatever..Some don't...To each their own.I wasn't a beginner that long ago..But I picked up fast with the help of TB, and numerous conversations with peopel smarter than I.
    Even with my 3 1/2 years, which pales in comparison to others, The best advice anyone can give you, is use your ears.If you like the Hartke sound over the Avatar, buy the hartke, I own a harkte head, and have played with hartke cabs on occasion.If you like the avatar more, then don't cheat yourself, buy the avatar.

    I've heard people on this board praise avatar(and they have all rights to) I've heard one or two give avatar skeptical reviews.I've heard people praise hartke, and others don't like it...It just shows you everyone is different...Both companies make their equipment how they like, and make good products.Just don't let others opinions sway yours until you've used your ears.If you can't,make the best guess, and if you find you don't like one...Ship it back, Dave, and most dealerships for Hartke, offer a return policy(less shipping).All you've got to lose is a little money, which IMMHO, is no good unless you use it to please someone, be it yourself or someone you care about...If I stroke you the wrong way, I'm sorry...Just my opinion

    In BASS:bassist:

  7. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    i have used my ONE b112 on some pretty loud gigs with my 5 and 6 strings, hit it with 750 watts, and the B string was mighty whenever i dove down there. and this is with only minor EQing.

    to my ears, there's no way it sounds -25dB at 31Hz.

    By the way - Dave has a new design for the B112 coming out soon. front ported, a little taller, and with the Delta LF instead of the Kappa for more 'low end emphasis'
  8. BigTopBruno


    Sep 6, 2002
    NJ, USA
    I use the C15 alone with the HA3500 for small/mid sized gigs...handles everthing very well, even low B. It's 4 ohm, and I crank the amp and keep the guitar vol low.

    If I hit it hard with wattage it's sounds better(!!??)