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  1. Greetings, folks! I am very interested in a cheap chorus, and since I am a huge Electro-Harmonix fan, I've been looking at the Small Clone. I know there is the Nano Chorus that I could get for under 50$ (Which is exactly my budget), but I am also aware of a nearby real Small Clone pedal that is around 60$. I already know the Small Clone works super well and is the sound I'm looking for, but I would love to economise the space with the use of the Nano Chorus, which I am unaware of the quality, except from one guitarist at some random show I was attending who told me that it was ''one nice little pedal''.
    What do you guys suggest?
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    The Nano Clone was terrible. It had a ton of issues, like a volume drop, noise issues, and I think there was power-weirdness with it as well. Which is why EHX went back and re-did it, and released the Neo Clone. If you need to have a nano-sized pedal, go for the Neo Clone. But the good old sheet-metal Small Clone is my favorite.
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    I had the Neo Clone for a while and it did sound great, but there was a little low-end loss, even with the depth switch on. Maybe it was my unit, other players around here don't seem to have that problem. The Nano has horrible reviews. In terms of EHX chorus pedals for bass, the Small Clone gets a lot of love on TB.
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    I've got a good old Small Clone and it's really nice, you should get one... And let me check on my pedal board... Yup, the old sheet-metal Small Clone takes about the same width on my pedal board then a Nano sized EHX + it's jacks on each side.
    In brief, you wouldn't save much space on the pedalboard with a nano instead of a Small Clone.
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    I have the Neo Clone and love it so far...
  7. Thanks for all the feedbacks, folks. As stupid as it may seem, I guess I'll just go with a Danelectro FAB Chorus, since my budget is getting tighter and tighter! Would you think it's a good call?
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    It gets good reviews here as far as I know, but it's not a pedal I'm familiar with. The Cool Cat is the Danelectro chorus pedal that seems to be one favored by TBers.
  9. I know, but this one sells at around 60$ brand new around here, while the FABs are half the price. I'm not too concerned about the plastic casing, also. I LOVE cheap pedals.
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    Sounds good on bass. If it don't work out for you, you can probably sell it for what you got it for.
  11. I believe Danelectro pedals are like Electro-Harmonix pedals: Not necessarily conceived for guitar or bass specifically, but for any instrument, thus explaining why it sounds so good on bass! I'll go with the FAB and I'll upgrade to a Small Clone someday. Thank you very much, guys!
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    Cool, let us know how it ends up, I don't recall seeing that pedal mentionned a lot here.

    Bonne année :)
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