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    Greetings. I'm thinking about getting a new cab for a home FRFR system: my wife would play her electronic drums through it, and I would also play bass and/or guitar and/or synth. We'll go into the amp through a small mixer. She'll need full extension on the high end for her cymbals to sound half decent. It doesn't need to be particularly loud, and it would be a nice bonus if I could also use it to gig once in awhile.

    I've got an old Eden WT-400 (from the 1990s) that works well and seems hifi enough. But I have always favoured tweeterless bass cabs, which are no good for her cymbals.

    So what cab? I'm thinking a Barefaced 10" or 12" (I have a Super Compact at the practice space with no tweeter that I like). But are there other options I should be considering? I'm in Canada, if it matters.

    I am not interested in DIY solutions.

    Or...will the WT-400 be too "coloured" to pull off close-to FRFR sound? it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to sound good. I'll be using a low pass filter on my bass to get my old sound.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    What Kind of budget are you talking looking at? Any of the 3way Designer bass cabs out there would do the trick . Or you could get a QSC CP-12 and any powered sub and have a practical Mono PA setup for 800.00 give or take . Or with a sub go with the CP8 for a little less money. Either way they will Put out moderate Bass and full range . And if you need more just add what you need as you go. I have the CP12's and the KS-12 Subs and they sound pretty good.
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  3. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    Studio Monitors make good FRFR for home.
    Modern powered PA cabs are up to the task if you buy the major brands.

    Lower cost brands may hiss more than you'd like. With a good brand the highs will be smooth and not give you an extraordinary "tweeter" sound.

    Passive tweeter reproduce what is sent to them and many bass heads may have a hiss, even your Eden.
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    So the general consensus is not to use the Eden, but rather to just buy a powered speaker. Am I right that the QSC would need a sub? I have a pair of original Adam A7s that I use for mixing that could also be pressed into service with a monitor controller (would also probably need a sub?).
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    Nov 27, 2004
    Near Worcester MA
    You would have more problems using the Adams than the QSC's . The thing with the QSC cp 12's is you wont get bass response like you will with a bass cab or adding a sub. You will be able to hear the bass it just won't be really powerful bass. Studio monitors will need a sub also to avoid damage. You should be able to go to a GC or something like that and have them set up a QSC for you and play your bass through it. IMHO it would suffice if you are not planning on real loud.Just make sure if you check out the QSC's that they have the switch on the back set to no sub or you will not get any bass to speak of and there is a DJ or Dance setting that will give you more bass also with no sub. The QSC will only need a sub if you are playing in a large space at relatively loud levels
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    Nov 25, 2008
    If you’re willing to lay out the cash for Barefaced, go with the 12” driver series. The 10” cab voicing is not what you’re looking for. The 12” cabs are much more of a FRFR voice. I use a pair of their BB2 cabs and a Behringer power amp as a PA. I’m quite satisfied. The SM cabs will be your next best option if you want smaller and cheaper. The tweeter isn’t as refined as in the BB2, and the lows aren’t as big/deep. The tweeter has less dispersion than the BB2. However, the boxes are much smaller and might be a better home sized rig.

    It might be worth it to look into small powered PA systems. You could get a much cheaper FRFR system going that route, if the budget is a concern and you don’t need loud-gig level volume. I looked at the Alto systems at one point. My local GC has a PA wall and switching system where you can try out many of the cabs they stock.
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  7. wagdog


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    I use a QSC K10.2 like a Swiss army knife: multi-instrument amp/floor monitor/pa. It handles it all with aplomb. It goes deep enough for bass if you’re not getting crazy loud. You can either plug your bass straight in and use one of the built in eq presets or run the DI from your Eden.
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    Apr 7, 2018
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    I know this was awhile back. But we tried to make it work with what we had and were not satisfied.

    We are considering a Mackie Thump 12 or the QSC CP12. It will just be moderate home volume. Is the QSC worth the extra $$ for sound quality or low end definition? Neither goes too low but on bass I’m more concerned about the 1st harmonic than the fundamental.
  10. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    Far better to performance backed by a 6 year warranty.
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    Thank you.