Small, lightweight NEO cabs with big extended low end - do they exist?

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  1. npbassman


    Apr 25, 2002
    So I'm currently rocking a pair of GK Neo 112 cabs however in most cases I usually need only one. I love the facts that it's a one trip schlep in and out, that I can carry it with one hand, and they both fit in the trunk of an Accord coupe. But...prior to this setup I was going through an Eden 2x10x15 stack that was probably responsible for cracking a few foundations. The GK's sound great tonally but I miss that "fill the room and feel it at the same time" experience that didn't require massive volume to achieve. Even when I use both GK cabs it doesn't add extended lows, it just gets louder and increases the headroom.

    Is there a small, compact neo cab (or pair of cabs) that can reproduce this kind of extended low end? The Barefaced cabs claim they can do this and look promising. Perhaps a Fearful build? If not, I'm wondering if I'm just a 4x10 or 2x15 type of guy.

    Thanks! Mike
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  2. Plutonium244


    Mar 29, 2015
    I am still waiting for the first person ever to say "I got a Barefaced Big Baby 2 but I don't really like it."

    That will be my next cabinet. And a One10 for the small gigs.

    Yes, I know that's what you were looking for-- advice from someone who doesn't own the cabinet he's advising you to get, lol. From what I hear, one will rock you like everyone else's pair of 12's, two might just kill you. I have always been a 4x10 kind of guy but 2 Aguilar SL-112's have convinced me 12's are the way to go but only partly for their modular nature (1 or 2 depending on gig)... I plan to go all the way to the Barefaced with that sound model.Not that SL-112 are not good, they are... especially paired. But, Barefaced, c'mon, man.

    Good luck finding your tone, Mike. I suspect you'd like the Barefaced much more than the GK neo's. You may not like the price tag as much, though. I just like how well 12's work, and 12's were not always my thing.
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  3. swamp_bass

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    I own GK Neos myself, and just picked up a 212 that rocks quite well, but requires a bit of scooping to get the effect you talk about. That being said, this video really showed what boutique cabs can do without having to dial them in. I think this might actually fit the bill for what you want:

  4. B-string

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    I don't look for "extended low end" when playing live, as a matter of fact I added a HPF to avoid it and play better with others. ;)
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    I think an Acme, fEARful or Fearless 112 would do what you are looking for.

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