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Small mixer upgrade

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by CGrant, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. CGrant


    Feb 14, 2010
    Hello all,

    I don't know much about sound and kinda just stumble my way threw it to be honest, we have been running a Yamaha EM66x powered mixer for a few years now and I am looking to upgrade so to speak. the Yamaha has work great but we dont use the power from it at gigs, just practice (I have a couple Crown amps we use for power) and it's features are somewhat limited, aux outs, etc. My local store here sales Yamaha and Soundcraft, I would kinda like to stay buying from as they are great and helpfull people! (even come out to hear us play sometimes) but it's not a must, just always have over the years.

    We are a 4 peice and mostly just mic 2 vocals and to guitar amps, outdoor and larger places we have borrowed subs and mic my bass, kick and couple overheads if sounds wasnt provided. friends do come sit in sometimes so extra channels and room to grow are in thought!

    With that we are looking at the Yamaha MG166cx and the Soundcraft MFXi 12.....

    We use EV ELX15's for mains, 4 Yamaha CM112V for monitors, Crown amp for mains and one for the monitors.

    What are yalls thoughts of these mixers for our setup? I have read myself unsure so I thought I would just ask!

    Thanks again!
  2. modulusman

    modulusman Banned

    Jan 18, 2004
    Both look to be OK to me. I have never used either one but having owned a soundcraft mixer in the past I would go with the mfxi. Looks like it costs more money but you have more mic channels, sweepable mid EQ. The Yamaha does have recording capabilities that the soundcraft doesn't have and the built in compression.
    EDIT- The soundcraft also uses a regular power cable where the Yamaha needs a special AC adaptor. The soundcraft is also rack mountable the Yamaha isn't.
  3. jad


    Aug 29, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I'd recommend the Soundcraft if the price difference isn't an issue, which seems to be the case. The plastic back and rack ears on the Yamaha don't inspire much confidence (see the pictures on Sweetwater.com).

    Both are a pretty nice step up from what you have with more channels, a couple of auxs, and sweepable mids. I like the fact that they both have a fader for the FX. Sound guys like that and will use up a channel for it if your board doesn't already have it. I think I'd prefer the 100 hz low cut on the Soundcraft over the 80 hz on the Yamaha, especially with your EVs running full range. The Yamaha has only 8 full featured channels compared to 12 on the Soundcraft, which means it's less likely that you'll be shopping for mixers again next year.
  4. CGrant


    Feb 14, 2010
    Thank you guys for you replies and advice, I have been leaning towards the Soundcraft myself! I know it is a little more but Im willing to spend a little more for it if it is a better quality/fitting mixer. recording capabilities are not a factor to me as I do good just to do the sound for us at live gigs!! lol

    I agree they are both a big step up from what we have now!! The sweepable mid EQ is appealing, compression is not something I have really dove off into outside of my BBE Optistomp pedal for my bass, the Soundcraft felt like it was built better (not all the plastic) but my our Yamaha have been threw the paces and been solid but its the only mixer I know to be honest!

    I didn't even notice the low cut hz difference! but I am going to have to agree with you!

    They both have very good reviews and I had been somewhat undecided but leaning towards the Soundcraft! from what I have read there are mixers in this price range to avoid.. I know there are better mixers out there, we don't need the "best" but I don't want to buy the worst in this price range either.. thank you for your input and I feel a little more confident in deciding now!!

    Many thanks!!