Small mod to my MIA-Deluxe

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  1. I sent my MIA-Deluxed in for a complete setup adding a set of Marcus Miller DR strings, and a Bad Ass III bridge. Experimented with the Marcus strings last year putting them on my Jazz 24 and was really impressed. The Brige was something I've always wanted after noodeling around with a Geddy Lee. Well I picked her up on Saturday morning and tested it out on some of their equipment before bringing it home. All I can say is "HOLY @%&#", you can almost see the rumble rolling along the floor like a thick fog; got her home and was thoroughly impressed. Tech did a fantastic job with the action, intonation and the strings with the bridge just sent it over the top.

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  2. ogrossman


    May 20, 2006
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    You've inspired me!

    I bought a 2006 MIA Jazz Deluxe V a few weeks ago and the action was passable when I got it. Now I think I'm going to take it to the shop and have it set up right. Thanks
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    I dig it; AmDeluxe jazzes are way cool. You have a fine looker (I know it sounds good)! and the addition of a Bad Ass bridge is intriguing. Perhaps I should add one to mine... :)
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    I also have MIA Dlx,and use DR- MM's,I also want to replace the bridge.But my dilemma is that I want string through and also quick change option ,but dont want to drill extra holes.I think I have finally found a direct bolt on one.A carvin b style on there web site looks as though it will bolt through the 2 oblong holes.What do you guys think?

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    Just another question,I dont use the through body option,I feel it sounds not as crisp,anyone have an opinion?

  6. No real experience with this brige, maybe some else in TB can give some input.
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    Nov 15, 2007
    Where'd u get that gold PG? Awesome.