Small outboard EQ - Boss MEB-7 vs. Markbass MB7 vs other?

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  1. I'm in need of a small outboard equalizer for airline travel to gigs where I'll rent speaker cabs from budget shops, usually beat up old Carvin 4x10"s or whatever they have around. I've found some to have a weird midrange hump that I want to get rid of, etc.

    Ideally I'd like something semi-parametric in a standalone 1/3rd or 1/2 rack size or so, not tiny but I'd like it to fit in a suitcase or gig bag. I'm willing to settle for a pedal if necessary, the MEB7 and MB7 look maybe ok, but is there anything else out there? I like the size and shape of the Behringer MiniFBQ for example except the Behringer name and reputation scare me.
  2. Pacodelivery


    May 25, 2014
    Do you mean the boss geb-7? I couldn't find anything named meb-7.

    I wouldn't recommend that, especially for your use. The eq points are somewhat badly chosen, as they jump from 800k all the way up to 4.5k, leaving you no control over the upper mids. Also, the tone kinda sucks, imhop.

    I've never tried the markbass so I can't comment, but my favorite pedal eqs are the mxr 10 band, the empress paraeq, and the dod fx42b. The mxr is my choice for an eq to hit mid song as it adds a great character and the paraeq is utterly transparent and good at everything and has one of the cleanest boosts I've ever played onboard.

    The fx42b i think has the 10 band beat in terms of fidelity but I'd only recommend it for an always on eq, as it's bypass is terrrrrrrrible.
  3. You might look at the Zoom MS60b, it offers both a 6 band EQ as well as a 2 band parametric plus preamp and amp models.
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    Nov 28, 2013
    I'd advise against fixed-frequency EQ and go the parametric way, since you'll most likely need that flexibility.
    Empress or WMD come to mind, both being 3 band parametric EQ pedals.
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    Empress ParaEq was my first thought. Super high quality and extremely versatile - almost to the point of needing to practice using it effectively so you don't cause yourself more problems than you started with.
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  7. Man, this is my #1 pet peave with bass eq pedals. my favorite tonal area is like 1.5k to 2.9k