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    Mar 10, 2003
    Hi I'm looking for some advice on small equipment.
    I just read and Amp Review on Harmony-Central [under the Hatrke Amp reviews for a KickBack 15 by a player named Dave ] who at one time was using an Ampeg SVT top and a 410 + a 115 cabinet and switched to a super portable and smaller setup [2 Hartke KickBacks,a 12 & a 15] I have a KIckBak 12 now and I like the sound of it. Has any one tried out this setup. I'm not looking for a ton of power, just a clean tone and the KB 12 seems to have something I like and it is very easy to use and is affordable as a used amp. I've contacted him via email and he said he just loves the setup. I'm a fairly new player [1 1/2 yrs] and dont have a lot of cash but a used amp would be ok. Any suggestion or opinions or advice would be helpful. Thanks Guys