Small Snark tuner glitch - and the fix.

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    Oct 3, 2007
    I recently bought 3 of the Snark clip-on tuners. And none worked with new batteries. Being inquisitive and not wanting the hassle of returning I investigated. Turns out the battery contact that is mounted on the circuit board is a small disc with two "ears" stamped into it - the ears needs to be sticking up maybe 2mm to contact the battery and these were pretty much flat. Maybe they missed a step in the manufacturing process. Anywho...

    Easy fix:
    1.Pull out lithium battery "Drawer" - one small phillps screw is showing - pull that.
    2. Unsnap front from back - there is a locking/snap point about opposite the screw.
    3. Bend little "ears" up - little danger of going too far.
    4.Reverse steps and it's a great little tuner.