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'Small' Tube heads?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Nomadic Herder, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. Hi I'm thinking of changing my amps around. For no reason other than I want to. I have a total of 300 SS watts right now, and it's fine for volume. I'd like a tube head that would get me the equivalent to around 300-500 SS watts. Are there any smaller tube heads? Brands don't matter, nor does new/used. Thanks.
  2. Tapp


    Aug 29, 2001
    USA, Mississippi
    Try out an Ampeg V-4B or a Traynor Custom Special. These both use 4-6550s or EL34's and would easily be as loud to your ears as a 300W SS amp; esp. with a very efficient cab like Eden's.

    Correction: The V4B may have 7027's which is a rugged 6L6. They can be converted to use 6550's though.

    I use a 70's Sunn Model T that is cool too.

  3. Davemell0


    Nov 19, 2001
    SW Virginia
    you could look for a mesa boogie bass buster, but they are popular discontinued amps, so it might be difficult finding one. Sovtek makes 50 and 100 watt bass amps. I liked the tone of the mig-50 guitar amp, but it would have been nice if it was a little louder. Any low gain 100-150 watt older tube amp that you can find used might work well ie. (sunn plush fender musicman traynor) I reccomend using a modern cabinet though.
  4. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    I strongly suggest that you try using a SansAmp Bass Driver DI (stompbox) in front of your 300 solid state watts. The SansAmp is a tube amp emulator, and does a darn good job. Does it sound as good as a vintage SVT? Not quite, but very close. You might find that it gives you exactly what you're looking for, without the weight and cost of maintenance of a real tube amp.
  5. Ty McNeely

    Ty McNeely

    Mar 27, 2000
    I use a Sunn 300T. 300 watts with 6 6550's, 3 12ax7's, and a single 12at7. Great sounding, LOUD head.:)

    Only drawback is the weight (~70 pounds. If you're fairly young (like me), then it's no problem.
  6. Matthias


    May 30, 2000
    Vienna, Austria
    Aguilar DB 359: 200W, only 2HU and 50lbs., not cheap though

    And there are two nice 'reissues' (don't know if they are worth it though):

    Orange AD200B
    Hiwatt DR103

  7. Lovin Bass

    Lovin Bass

    Feb 8, 2002
    Los Angeles
    I will also try checking out the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. It has a decent tube emulator/simulator and can give some great distortion/fuzz. It is also a foot pedal so you can turn the fuzz/tube emulator off for different songs during a set. It is in NO WAY A REPLACEMENT for REAL tube tone but it does a respectable job of trying...better than MOST hybrid heads can do. Try finding a used one so if you find out it doesn't cut it, you can turn around and get the same amount out of selling that you paid for it and continue on a more focused quest for one of the tube amps mentioned here.

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