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Smashing Pumpkins Help!!

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by rydin4lifebass, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I'm working on Ava Adore from the Adore album. I pieced together the bulk of the song (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) from tabs but I cannot find something that fits for the ending. On the link below, from the 3:10 mark to the 3:21 mark, they play the main riff/verse 4 times and then at 3:21 they play a fill that's used throughout the song, then the verse twice, and then the fill again. The riff I have for the verse is [F-F---F-F---F\G#]. The fill I have is [D#-D#-D#-D#-A#-A#-A#-A#]

    That takes us to about 3:33. Then it sounds like a variation on the main riff that repeats to the end. Any though on that?

  2. It sounds to me as though it goes:

    F-F--D#/G#/A#/G#/F/E/D#/D--D#-D#//A#-A#/ Twice, then
    ................................Possibly (D#--DA#-A#/)

    F-F--D#/G#/A#/G#/F/E/D#/D-- Twice, then

    F-F--D#/G#/A#/G#/F/E/D#/D--F-F--A#-A# Once, then

    F-F--D#/G#/A#/G#/F/E/D#/D-- To the end

    I could well be wrong.
  3. Songsterr has something that might be similar to yours, I'll have to take a closer look. That rhythm isn't gonna be fun to figure out! By the way, I'm playing in standard tuning, would it be better to tune down 1/2 step?

    This guy plays it differently..sounds like the verse & fill alternating until 3:54 or so and then it's a little 5 note fill (-F-F-G#-A#-G#-). Thoughts on that?
  4. He's done some improvising at the very end - it's quite different to the recording. He has most of the main notes before that, but he's not sliding through them. In the main, his version sounds quite accurate though.

    I forgot to mention that you need to tune down a full step on the E string.
  5. Thanks...thought his was neat but not 100% accurate...ill try to tab yours out and post it.

    Am i right that they play the fill, verse x2, the fill, then into the part you wrote out? Im not quite sure exactly how the rhythm goes on the end part-hard to follow. Many thanks for the help! Ill repost tomorrow.

    So you'd tune down to D or Eb?
  6. I think that the riff you have for the verse is accurate, but I tend to think it might be F-F--FF-F--F/G#. Again, I could be wrong, and mixing the drum beat with a bass note.

    I think the fill you have is also pretty accurate, though there may be some sliding involved in that too. I'm not sure. Either way, what you have now will work.

    You are correct about them playing (from 3.21 - 3.33) the fill, then the verse x 2, then the fill. The part that I transcribed will then take you from 3.33 to the end of the song.

    I was tuned down to D.

    As far as the rythm goes, just it's much the same as the verses. Just practice what I transcribed (so you know where your fingers need to be, without worrying about the actual rythm), and then play along with the song. You know the basic rythm of the song anyway, so you'll be close to where you need to be, and you'll pick it up pretty quickly once you start playing with the song.

  7. So tab would be:

    3-3--1/6/8/6/3/2/1/0--1-1//8-8/ Twice, then
    ................................Possibly (1--08-8/)

    3-3--1/6/8/6/3/2/1/0-- Twice, then

    3-3--1/6/8/6/3/2/1/0--3-3--8-8 Once, then

    3-3--1/6/8/6/3/2/1/0-- To the end

    I think that's the correct tabbing for what I transcribed, though the rythm/tempo is probably way off. As I said, you'll pick it up when you play along with the tune.
  8. Thanks..I actually just tabbed it out in standard tuning with the D and D# notes on the A string. I saw some tabs with an Eb tuning, but since that open D is in there, it certainly makes sense to use drop D. I transposed the tab I have in standard tuning to drop D but kept some of the chorus and bridge on the A string just for quicker movement but moved everything else to the low D string. I couldn't tell what the guy in that cover video was using (drop D or Eb). As you said, he's not 100% true to the original recording so I guess it doesn't matter much. Again, many thanks for the help. I'll take a look at it tonight and try to slow it down to pick up the rhythm to the ending. MUCH APPRECIATED!

    EDIT: I think I read your post wrong. the last part you wrote out with "to the end"..I took that as playing it only once. Did you mean to repeat the last part through the end of the song?
  9. Just played it for a while and I'm still not getting the rhythm down. I can hear the (3-3-1-6-8-6) with the slide from the 1 down to the 6th fret. After that (3-2-1-0-1-1-8-8), I'm lost. I really don't hear it at all. If anything, to my ear it sounds like (3-3--1/6-8-6--3-3) so I kinda hear the F on the 3rd fret but I'm losing the rest.
  10. Sorry about the lack of clarity. This is the first time I've done this sort of thing for someone else, so I'm learning. :)

    The last line is repeated until the end of the song.

    Where there's no slide up to it, you can play the A# on the A string as well. That makes things a little bit easier. I was going to add that in the transcription, but thought it might be a bit confusing, and I couldn't think of how else to convey it. : /

    The rythm for the slide from 8 to 0 is the same pace as the slide from 3 to 8 (1/16 notes, I think). There is a 1/8 (I think) pause after the slide from 3 to 8, then it slides from 8 to 0 at a 1/16 (I think) tempo. Then a 1/8 pause, then it starts again from 3. Even with the slight pause after the slide from 3 to 8, the whole slide from 3 to 8 and back down to 0 is one smooth, fluid slide.

    Low notes can be difficult to pick out, but I'm certain that's how it goes.

    What are you listening to it through? I've found that even cheap in-ear earphones (with the rubber plug/seal thingies) allow you to hear the bass much more clearly, and pick out the notes more easily.

    Edit: I've just been watching more clips of covers, along with live performances by the Pumpkins, and D'arcy plays a different, simpler version of it in the live performances. Not so much sliding, and seemingly fewer trips below F.