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    May 26, 2000
    I was wondering if anyone has the Basslines SMB-5 MM replacement pickups. Do you like the sound you got? Also, where did you pick them up? I see lots of places with the SMB 4's but none with the 5 string version.

  2. I got an alnico for 5-string last month with the 3-Band Tone Circuit preamp from Grasshopper at (they have a toll free number there). Grasshopper gets stuff as fast as anyone, and faster than most I've dealt with. And the prices were as good as any I could find.

    Reason you don't see the 5-string version around -- when I was talking to Alex Semple at Basslines last month, he said they only had 3 of the Basslines MM for 5-strings left. He may have just been referring to the alnico version, though. If Grasshopper can't get one a.s.a.p., no one can, IME.

    I don't know how it sounds. I had it sent to the luthier making the bass it will be a part of. Some folks around here have the ceramic version.