Smith Rock Masters 5 set FS

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    Nov 14, 2000
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    Just got a fiver, and the guy I bought it from told me that it had Ken Smith stainless roundwound Rock Masters, medium lights on it (45 65 80 100 125). So I ordered a set from MF for $24.99, plus shipping. Well, not only did I see when they arrived that the set on the bass isn't that brand (the strings on there have no wrap on the ends; the Smiths do and it's purple), it's not the same gauge. So I'm selling this brand new set (only opened the B sting pack to compare it to the B on the bass) because I need a different gauge and this item is non-returnable to MF. $20 gets it done, including shipping within the continental U.S. First responder to this post who indicates firm interest and who follows up with a PM providing mailing address and asking for mine will end the thread. I know there are Rock Master fans out there. I really wanted to try them but the high cost of buying a single B string in a different gauge makes that impractical. Personal check or money order accepted.