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smokstack lightnin

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by steelhead2, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. something loosely close(anything close),at least a couple bars worth,i'm going to attempt to work it up by myself tonight but if i had a starting point i could go off that,i jam with a harp man about every week and he's all about da blues baby!:D
  2. check out youtube.....there are several versions....i like the watermelon slim version but ymmv
  3. hey i love your location!,i'm in a great location being buffeted by YOU NAME IT TODAY,started out foggy then we had sun(read warmth on the body yeah i could feel it and longed for a toohotday on my boat,ah just to feel THAT!:hyper:) then it got windy and cold,then it flat poured down,and more cold ensued,,and i questioned why i stay here:rollno:,i COULD leave,i've done over 50 years here,,,,,,:meh:

    yeah well as far as practising went i went with an open E A then dove onto the D and attempted to build from there but ended up with a huge Gibson triangle pick playing along with the `new rock' station 96.9 the rogue.com,,,,

    i think i'm going to peddle my amp(yeah one of those nights when i had intentions to do`THIS' and came out with a whole new plan

    where the heck is Holwin Wolf anyway?,,i'm goin there baby;), right now,:D,dudodudo,,,dah,dah,duh,duh,,,,,duh,duh,dadadada,,,Blossom Toes hung a good one fer sure;)(they are also on you-tube,check em out)
  4. Garbageman


    Mar 14, 2009
    So. Oregon
    Nothing like living and loving life in So_Oregon is there? Born and raised in Medford myself. Relaivly new to the bass world and should have started years ago.

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