Smooth and Bright DR Strings? (Compared to Slinkys, Boomers, Rotosounds and D'addarios)

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  1. Eyal_Ah


    Jun 28, 2020
    Hi! I am a bass player looking for a perfect string set, and i'd like to hear from you guys about DR strings.

    I play 5 string Jazz bass and love light gauges; My main styles are Jazz, Funk and Disco, so I'm looking for something smooth and bright.

    For comparison, Ernie Ball's slinkys mids are too scooped for me, the highs are nice but they die too fast;
    The boomers mids are great but they lack the lows and highs and they die too fast.
    Rotosound's stainless steel rings great and bright over time but too stiff which doesn't fit my style, and D'addarios are just boring to me.

    I'm looking for Growl mids (mostly Hi Mids), crispy highs and warm lows presence (although its light gauge). It doesn't have to be very aggressive, just stay bright for a long time.

    Do you have a recommendation for me? Maybe I'm looking for something that isn't necessarily DR?
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  2. I've been playing the stainless steel Lo-Riders 40-60-80-100-125 on my son's Ibanez SR1205E for the last month or so and I really like them. Not overly zingy but there is a clean crispness to their tone along with a punchy low-mid presence. They're also one of the smoothest SS rounds I've tried.

    I'm usually not a stainless steel player at all, so the fact I've been enjoying them as much as I have says a lot.
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  3. Eyal_Ah


    Jun 28, 2020
    Thanks! Thats interesting, I thought Lo-Riders would be too stiff for me for the same reason.
  4. Yes, they're stiffer than the DR's round-core siblings. That said, I don't find the 40-100 set uncomfortably stiff - just firm enough not to go all bouncy under my plucking fingers. If you want flexible strings, try the Hi Beams (SS rounds on a round core).
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  5. I believe Fat Beams would be worth a try. I do wipe down my strings after playing and find strings stay bright for a long time (3 months or longer).
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  6. Outside of DRs, I found the Marcus Miller Dunlop Super Brights are very similar to Rotosounds, but will retain there tone a lot longer.
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  7. dagrev

    dagrev Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    Might consider Dean Markley Blue Steels. I find them to be nicely balanced in terms of lows, mids and highs. They are not lacking in in any of those areas and aren't overly pronounced in one or two. Note, there is a steel AND a nickle plated version.

    DR Pure Blues, maybe? I think they sound good in my application.

    I'm a little surprised that the GHS Boomers were found to be lacking in lows!
  8. lokikallas

    lokikallas Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2010
    los angeles
    Sounds like sunbeams. My personal favorite.
  9. I'd suggest Sunbeams or Pure Blues. Try both and see what you prefer.
    I recently put a set of Rotosound 66 (stainless steel) on my Jazz bass, previous strings were DR Sunbeams. To me, tension isn't very different between these strings. I definitely consider Rotosounds 66 low tension strings as much as Sunbeams or Pure Blues. The sifference isn't very noticeable imho.
  10. Vinny_G


    Dec 1, 2011
    Here is a very good comparison video between three sets of DR strings (Hi-Beams, Sunbeams and Pure Blues) in several different styles.

  11. danster


    Jul 13, 2007
    Connecticut, USA
    I'm liking the DR Pure Blues lately on my 4 string jazz bass.
  12. I have them on my P. Great sounding strings, and very smooth. Sunbeams are even smoother but voiced slightly different.
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