For Sale Smooth strings! LABELLA BLACK TAPES

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    D'Addario black nylon tapes 50-105, $18 sold
    Labella black nylon tapes 50-105, $22
    Labella white nylon tapes 50-105, $22 sold
    GHS pressure wounds. 44-106, $14 sold

    Take all for $60 shipped, paypal

    ****** all sold except the Labella black tapes are still available!******

    All cut for a Fender P-bass strung through the bridge (Hipshot bridge, so never pulled out through a hole) with 2 wraps. All have been on the bass about a week to settle in, all have less than 2-3 hours of actual play time. All in excellent condition.

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    LB Black Nylon still available?