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SNL Band (GE Smith era) bassist ?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by NJXT, Feb 13, 2001.

  1. NJXT


    Jan 9, 2001
    Lyon, FRANCE
    I was watching a rerun of an old Saturday Night Live show, during the GE Smith band era, and noticed the bass player was pretty good (playing on a fretless JB I think).
    Any info on this guy ? Did he do some original music ?
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...that was probably Tom Wolk(usually played a sunburst P-bass).
    He has/had a decent bass book out there about "Rock Bass"(late '70s).
    Wolk also played in The Hall/Oates Band with G.E. Smith...remember the videos?
  3. NJXT


    Jan 9, 2001
    Lyon, FRANCE
  4. Wolk is also a huge fan of the Gibson Ripper and has used it as his main bass for quite a while. He did play a modified P bass to start with on SNL, then he switched to a sunburst Ripper.
  5. He was a very accomplished bassist. Where is he now? I heard a story that he died. Anyone elaborate on this?
  6. NJXT


    Jan 9, 2001
    Lyon, FRANCE
    According to the webboard on his site, he's not dead...
  7. I hope he's not dead, he's planning tour dates, but then again Monty Python just did a European tour with Graham Chapmans ashes.......
  8. Monkey

    Monkey Supporting Member

    Mar 8, 2000
    Ohio, USA
    Didn't I see T-Bone Wolk on "Saturday Night Live" last week? GE Smith was playing guitar. It's obvious I didn't have a gig last Saturday, isn't it?
  9. Gene Machine

    Gene Machine

    Mar 19, 2003
    I saw him on A&E Live request playing for Hall and Oates. He was using the sunburst B-pass.

    He's a gah-roovy player. I really dig his stuff. He's a really good example for playing for the song. Sometimes got the pick, sometimes not.
  10. sleazylenny


    Jun 20, 2002
    Mpls, MN
    For more on T-Bone, check out Bass Player magazine. There was a pretty good article on him in a very recent issue.

    I remember seeing him with Hall & Oates back in the early to mid-eighties ( why a headbanger like myself was at an H & O concert is beyond me:confused: ) but I remember his tone was very prominent in the mix, which was an unusual experience for me, as most metal shows bury the bass in sludge and volume. Anyhoo, I dug his playing.
  11. Funkster

    Funkster Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    T-Bone is the man! I love his live work with Carly Simon.
  12. Caca de Kick

    Caca de Kick Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    Seattle / Tacoma
    I love T-Bone Wolk. The dude is incredible and very inspirational to me. During that time of SNL I used to watch all the time (my high school years) just to feed off of his playing. Remember his fretless P?
    And his resume is very impressive. He goes a long way back with Hall and Oates, and he's done work with Billy Joel, yup and Carly Simon.

    There was an article, I think in BP mag where he says his main bass is an early-mid 60' sunburst P.
  13. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Paul and GE Smith used to be in a band called the Scratch Band that was based out of New Haven, CT. Funny seeing the hometown bar warriors beome international stars ;)

    Another New Havenite who was banging around in those days finally hit it big after changing his last name and ditching the Southern rock for blue-eyed soul ballads...Michael Bolton :eek:

    I once auditioned for a band here in Boston who had their demo produced by T-Bone. Having to duplicate his parts was a most humbling experience.
  14. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I always forget T-Bone when those "players who use a pick" threads come around. Guys like T-Bone are great examples of how to get and keep getting gigs........he plays great bass lines for the songs, and has huge ears & a very nice guy......he'll never be out of work!
  15. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    I just saw Tom "T-Bone" Wolk this past summer, he was playing on the Hall & Oates "reunion" tour that blew by my town. I really went just to see him, though everything sounded great. He also played double-duty with the opening act, Todd Rudgren (who unfortunately sucked . . .). What a long night for him, and he SMOKED.
  16. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    If I'm not mistaken, he is also a guitar player. I think he plays several instruments.
  17. TNJ


    Mar 5, 2003
    There have been some great musicians in SNL's various bands:
    A few off the top of my head:
    Steve Jordan
    Paul Shafer
    T-Bone Wolk
    Marcus Miller
    GE Smith
    Lenny Pickens
    Blue Lou (last name?)

  18. T-Bone Wolk also played on the Thompson Twins
    Doctor! Doctor! Tour when I saw them in '84.

  19. I think Hall & Oates were the ones responsible for making him wear his hats all the time too, since he was balding. I guess it wasn't cool to be backing two mullets if you were balding.
  20. TNJ


    Mar 5, 2003
    You got to hand it to H&O...they've still got great hair!
    (although Daryl looks a little like an older Chuck Connors in the face...). :D

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