So, how about them non-relic'ed classics?

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  1. nerkoids


    Jan 3, 2014
    Let's go completely in the other direction. Let's see some vintage, or vintage re-issue basses that have been preserved to someone's best efforts. It can be from the big boys or from lawsuit or copies, it don't mattah...

    I don't have any, other than my modern instruments, but I've always been curious, in light of all the relic'ing threads, there must be a segment of bass players who try their darnedest to keep their instruments as nice and in good working shape as possible.

    Also: I have a theory of one particular bass being promoted - the MiM 60s Classic Jazz basses. I've noticed on Fender's site, they have a rather poor photo of the Poly-coated one, versus the Nitro-lacquered one. Anyone think that's deliberate?

    Does anyone have one or the other? Do they look any different from each other? Thanks!
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  2. MrRobert


    Jul 7, 2011
    Costa Mesa, CA
    I have the classic 60s jazz lacquer, but not the poly version. All I can say is that the finish is flawless. I ordered it sight unseen from a local store, and I might have lucked out because it is perfect. The rosewood fretboard is super dark, which I love. It plays super nicely and I haven't had to adjust the neck since I got it. I'm a vintage feel and specs freak, so I really dig the nitro finish over the poly in every way. Plus it comes with a decent case. Not as nice as a g&g case, but it does it's job well and looks great. I paid $800 out the door, and it was absolutely worth it. I'm not a big jazz bass guy, so for me it wasn't worth spending the extra dough on an American Vintage Jazz. I just wanted a nice vintage spec Jazz bass, and it is perfect for what it is. I will say that I switched out the pups for CS 60s Jazz pups, and I think I like the sound of those pups more. The stock ones were pretty good though. I just wanted a bit more presence.
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