So how do you practice?

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  1. This should be fun and informative.

    What is your practice routine?

    I usually warm up for ten to fifteem minutes with a bit of stretching and hand exercises then grab my bass and noodle a bit to get flexible.

    After that I get structured and warm up more with some scales in various degrees (what scales/modes do you use?) Then it's time to hit the books. Right now I am working from a book called bass solo studies for double bass and piano, I do this for about 30 min. or so, working with small goals in mind, like getting 2 bars, then four, up to two measures, and so forth. I work old etudes, and new then read.

    Next I'll work on new songs (covers and or original) for another 30 mins.

    Next it's the drum machine and new riffs or ideas for awhile before stretching a bit and cooling down.

    this is just and average template as far as time frames.

    How do you practice? What's your opinion of my style?

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    Dec 26, 2001
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    You are much more dedicated to the craft than I am as far as practice structure with the bass guitar...I applaude you.

    Playing out is my current source of income...lost my day top of playing bass, I am also a vocalist who does a lot of harmonies in the groups I am in. I always work on my vocals first...getting my ear to recognize the pitch I should be singing in first. BTW-I have been singing longer than playing bass (20 yr bass vet).

    From there, as far as bass, I know my major and minor's, know the fretboard notes and know 1/4,1/8,1/16 and key signatures and practice those with a metronome so I can attempt playing/singing with fluidity. For "new to the band" tunes, I found it best to know the vocal lines cold FIRST because if the singing sounds crappy, the song - and thus - the band sounds crappy. My bands never complained if the chorus is a little loose in the groove but they will [email protected]#ch if the harmonies are not there. Once the vocal is worked out, I homework-my-a$$-off to grove the tune at the same time and it usually falls together.

    I can pull this off only because I practice with a metronome.

    The metronome is key! It's amazing...when you play with a metronome, the live drummer knows it. He/She plays tighter because the band hears you play 1/8th notes with conviction! They sound like 1/8th notes they lay back and do their job. It makes our job easier.
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    Apr 8, 2002
    Well...I don't have a specific regimen.

    I usually always have my bass on my lap whenever I am on TB(you figure out the time in that one ;)

    generally though I make a point to work in at least 10-20 minutes of solid shedding on a specific technique, or concept every time a sit down.

    Like today for example, I spent about an hour total on double thumb(and double pluck)permutations and paradiddles

    I also spent a good deal of time(about 30 minutes today) singing along while I play. I'll often do this in my warmup, which usually consists of running scales and chromatic exercises up and down the neck quickly. (and "river people" that's part of my warm-up)

    Any given day, I'll spend at least 3-4 hours playing, out of that a good hour or so is solid practicing.

    But I spend a lot of time just noodling and figuring out songs, and coming up with new ideas.

    lately I've been using my metronome a lot more, since I've been getting into more technical exercises like permutations and things like that.

    often I'll set the metronome somewhere and just groove on that click with the fewest notes possible, and try and keep it happening.

    Also I usually spend a couple minutes on harmonics, going over chords and things, artificial, false all those.

    and I try find time to have a little fun(speedy runs up and down the neck) ;) :p

    but as I said I don't have a strict regimen, some days I barely do any good stuff, other days I shed like a cat.

    as far as stretching or anything...I don't really do any of that..I do some tendon exercises throughout the day though.

    Oh yeah, I also practice piano during the day, learn chords, and I'm currently chugging through the real book for my reading.

    And lately I've been doing solfege
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