So, I bought a cab...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Thunderscreech, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, ChopShopAmps
    Yeah surely not pro or factory work. Like they've all said, double check all the wiring, make sure it has proper speaker wire, and check for phase and function of all the speakers, as well as impedance. The dual connector plate is a good idea, but will require some cutting. You might want to add a few strategically placed strap handles to it, and maybe even skids, if you plan on keeping it.
  2. As soon as I get it inside my house a thorough inspection is priority 1
    Mine is unported. It's also old as all get out.
    I'm not afraid to cut. It does have three handles on the right side, but they're like strap type handles.
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  3. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    It is completely possible Google search failed on the images. The pdf sheet came from Ampeg/LOUD Tech. so it should be accurate. That cab in the pics could be the V9 instead.
  4. Bill Staudt

    Bill Staudt Guest

    Jun 18, 2002
    All the OP's pics look exactly like my old '73 flatback. I think he's being modest about the speaker size.You can see the three screw holes left over from the 4 pin XLR input jack.



    I would go with a simple 1/4" single input cup like B-string linked. Please don't modify the cab with holes or new handles. Those straps have held up for 40 years. They'll be fine.
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  5. The cup would be the easiest option. I'm actually about to bring it inside as soon as my friend gets here
  6. kesslari

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Santa Cruz Mtns, California
    Lark in the Morning Instructional Videos; Audix Microphones
    Then take a photo of the front with the grill off! Hubba hubba!
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  7. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, ChopShopAmps
    I couldn't see any handles in the pics. Since the op mentioned there are some, obviously that will be enough. Why not go with speakon and 1/4 jacks? Any collectible "original" value has already been lost. Why not make it more versatile than a single 1/4 input? It's op's call and all that.... We aren't even sure at this point exactly what model it is, if all the speakers work, and if they're even original. I'm just speculating and offering opinions. It looks like a fun project, or at least a good giggable cab as is.
  8. christw

    christw Get low!

    May 11, 2008
    Dayton OH
    Seems pretty clear that it's a flatback SVT cab at this point. Nice score.
  9. Bill Staudt

    Bill Staudt Guest

    Jun 18, 2002
    Just wait until he pops the grill off to get to a speaker and finds the clutch head screws.
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  10. So, my friend and I lacked the strength to carry it into my house... Thing must weigh in at least 200 pounds... I'm storing it in my car until I can get the human power to move it inside.
  11. Also, cable out of the back is speaker wire.
  12. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    Seems people here are more interested in what the actual cab model is that you are? You can use that cup I linked with a 1/4" jack and not even bother with what the cab is (so long as it plays fine). Cut the speaker cable, solder to the jack mounted on the plate, screw the plate to the cab's back. You can use a 9 volt or 1 1 1/2 volt battery to find the positive lead wire to go to the tip of the jack, but you'll still have to remove the grill so you can be sure when the cones move "out" with the battery. Out, wire that touches a battery's positive should wire to the tip.
  13. Biggest hurdle I am facing is moving it inside my house right now. :(

    Although I suppose I could move it out off my car by myself and take the requisite pictures and do the tests and soldering and then put it back in. Or get three beefy friends to help me get it inside.
  14. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    Yes the old stuff is neat, but it comes with a price: WEIGHT :).
  15. True. It is undoubtably a beast, soundwise. Or might be, better do all the checks first.
  16. FINALLY. Got it out of my car and onto my front porch. Great. But at least I have pictures.
    Appears it is an 8x8. Value of impedance is stated on the nameplate as 4 Ohms. I ohmed it out and it reads 5.7 Ohms. Speakers appear to be okay. There's no model number or serial number, just "SVT" on the name plate.

    I also have no idea what kind of screws those are holding the speakers in.
    1218151550_HDR~2.jpg 1218151659.jpg 1218151658~2.jpg
  17. jamzcl


    Jul 21, 2004
    Des Moines, IA USA
    I had one of these. They're almost as tall as a 610HLF and the depth of a 410HLF. Might have been a little heavier than my 610 but definitely not 200lbs. Great sounding cab and should've kept it.
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  18. So you liked it? That's good, because it might be stuck on my porch for a long time.
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  19. jamzcl


    Jul 21, 2004
    Des Moines, IA USA
    Mine was the SVT-808HE like what B-string posted. Yours looks to be a different animal and I'd be curious to hear how it sounds.
  20. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    Those are clutch head screws. 5.7 ohms is not correct for a 4 ohm cab. Would expect to see more along the lines of 3.2 ohms for the cab. I think has the clutch head screwdrivers. If it truly is EV speaker equipped that is one heck of a find!

    The lower left speaker appears to be different.
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