So I bought a kayak yesterday and went out in it today...

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  1. And it was fun and relaxing. Just tooling around the lake. Didn't take the fishing rod out since I wanted to get used to the kayak. Spent 6 hours out on the water, and made it around about half the lake. I will post some pictures once I've trimmed down the size for the forums (won't be until after this weekend, since it's late, and this was my last day off before big store event). My arms are going to feel like jello tomorrow for sure. :D

    Feel free to share pictures of your kayak trips if you have them.
  2. So here's the 2 best photos I took on my kayak trip around the lake. The lake in question is Glendale Lake @ Prince Gallitzin State Park, Fallentimber, PA. It is a 1600+ acre manmade lake with a max. depth of about 40ft. Nice to take photos there, and a good place to kayak. Fishing? Not so great.


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    I sadly do not own a kayak. But I do enjoy going down a river every once in a while. Last I did was a part of the Jacques Cartier. Truly beautiful, 20km. Sadly too short.

    Here's 3 pics of the river but they are not mine:




    The pics don't do it justice. I plan onto going hiking there soon. Beautiful national park with lots to do.

    It's not too far either, about 30-40min from my location.
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    Man, I am so jealous. Pretty much the only thing I had to give up when I had kids was the long kayak half-day journeys I used to go on. But my four year old is showing some interest so maybe I will pick up a big old canoe so she can come along. Great pics!
  5. I loved my kayak when I had it! Some of the best fishing I ever did was out of that thing. Get places you never would have thought with that thing. Best I can tell you is practice proper paddling form!!!!!!!!!!! If not you will learn the pain that resides at the 6th ring of hell called tennis elbow!
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    yes, good paddling form is a must especially on longer outings. Havent been out yet this year but hoping to get out on Lake Superior in August.
  7. Didn't get any pain in my elbows. Other than some cranky deltoids, the only pain I seemed to have gotten was in my wrist, but that's mostly gone now. I charted out where I went on a map of the lake, quite some distance covered, in fact about half the lake. Estimated distance is about 25mi. Took me 6 hrs, would have taken longer, but I really had to book it back to my launchpoint since it was getting dark and I didn't have the boat lights in the kayak with me, they were in my car.

    For those curious, the kayak is a Sundolphin Aruba 8 SS. The entire package (kayak, paddle, roof blocks which i didn't use, dry bag, red kerchief to put on kayak since it sticks out of my trunk, and launch permit) cost me about $244, but part of the cost at the sporting goods shop was absorbed by a 20% coupon (off of one item). The kayak and paddle were on sale as well.
  8. Intriguing. Can you experienced 'yakkers(yakkists? :D)talk specific gear? I could see doing this
  9. You should consider it. At least rent one for a day and see how you like it. I found it was relaxing, the kayak kept cool from the water temp. I did have to keep adjusting my sitting position every 30 min., though as I found it a bit rough on the tailbone. I'll be adding something to pad the seat's bottom area later on, maybe something like a memory foam bathmat as a seat cushion. Definitely get a lifejacket though. I didn't buy one because I had one from when I went out in the fishing boat with my dad years ago. PFD's are very important, and I would never go out on the water without one.
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    I can't really. I just rent whatever the place has. I'm a casual (very) but I've been at it since I'm about 10 or so. It's fun.

    But seeing you're on the coast, would you be kayaking on lake/rivers, on the ocean, both? Touring or Recreational?

    It is my understanding that the answers to those questions would tell if you want a recreational kayak or a sea kayak (also called touring).

    For recreational I'd avoid sit on top and inflatables at all cost.
  11. I had a scary dunking before I could swim- fell in at the beach, over my head... Mom plucked me out quick, and I learned to swim- but after that Ive never totally comfy in water, so I'd certainly go ALL safety-guy. Gotta be soothing, though.
  12. I can't see doing the ocean at first- were talking absolute noob here. My wife and kids paddled around a little park lake(pond, maybe)last year and dug it. I stayed on dry land but would certainly do it to get us all out together.
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    There are many rental outfitters, I'd start there and get use to being in a kayak, if you think its something you would enjoy then go shopping, I'd recomend something used.

    I would love to paddle Tahoe sometime
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    Sadly, I don't have any personal pictures. I used to really enjoy tooling around the high mountain lakes in central Oregon in a two man inflatable though. Here's a web photo of Hosmer Lake, which is supernaturally clear and well stocked with Atlantic Salmon. That's Mt Bachelor in the background, where I used to work.


    Whitewater kayaking is epic where I live now, but I can't swing learning yet another adrenaline sport at the moment.
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    Crazy me and my dad recently bought matching kayaks, well he bought two and I bought a go pro. There a great combination. However in louisiana a windless hot humid summers I got a great view with tons of swear and the worse sunburn I have ever had on a part of my legs that never had seen sun. Talking scabs
  16. Careful w/dat sunburn, it can mess you up. Raises risk of skin cancer I think
  17. Ok, since there are tons of kayak threads that pop up in search, I'm officially turning this thread into the OT kayak club. I'm not even going to bother with numbers, as that always turns into an unmanageable mess.
  18. Good on ya mate! For the topic. I bought a too small sit on top used it a few summers ago. Knew pretty much it was too small right off the bat. But still got my sea legs back. I had paddled a bit as a teenager. My SO wanted to paddle too so I found a Tandem sit on top for cheap and we upgraded the seats PFDs and paddles. We have had a few great summers of paddling. My apologies to the member that says never buy a sit on top, I humbly disagree. I am 61 I paddle in very light conditions. I am trying to get up the nerve to fish saltwater on calm days. And this is coming from a guy who has flown hang lifers for 40 yrs. I am alive because I am now WAY more cautious about how much risk I am willing to assume. Oh yeah I have fished successfully for lake trout from it and was very happy, communing with nature is spiritual for me.
  19. Just got an IPad why is the interface so different than my PC. my first Apple android phone is dying a slow death and my girl is twisting my arm to get a iPhone as she's been a convert for 5yrs. Oops yeah OT
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    Oh wow, I didn't know you lived out that way. I have family in Altoona and Ashville. I've been to that park a hundred times.