so i found both a flying v and an explorer in GC

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  1. weird huh?

    i've seen these for sale used on ebay and craigslist occasionally but i didn't know that epiphone was still making these.. cuz they looked brand new (still had the shrink wrap on the pickguard). re-reissue or something maybe?

    anyway, they were both black, and hanging seductively in the epiphone corner of the bass section (which is really like saying the corner of the corner... of the closet), so i had to give them a go.

    i've always wanted an explorer bass so i grabbed that one first and plugged it into an acoustic B600 (or whatever) and 8x10. first impression: holy fat neck batman! this bass makes chris farley look like her. i don't like fat necks... so that was a downer from the get go :(. the tone was pretty good, deep and muscular but not muddy, actually i really liked it's sound a lot. the fittings were ok, brass all over, nothing too special, not horrible though either. i guess overall i wouldn't get one due to the neck... (plus it's set neck or neck through so you couldn't even replace it), but i still want an explorer bass of some kind.

    i grabbed the flying v next. like the explorer it was black with white pickguard and brass doohickeys, but somehow seemed a bit cheaper (i dunno it might have been the shrink wrap on the pickguard that was peeling off, or the 3 point bridge). the v is short scale and although i think the nut width was the same as on the explorer the neck wasn't nearly as uncomfortable. quiet managable, plus i like short scales :) i don't recall what the tone was like because i only played 2 notes before it slid off my lap like a greased seal and hit the floor, and i was then asked to leave.
  2. Trubz


    Jul 20, 2009
    I have an ESP EX-104 and played flying v's before both of them aren't the most comfortable guitars their body shape gets in the way a lot and they made you leave cause you accidentally dropped it?
  3. LCW

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    Mar 2, 2009
    That is pretty weird haha
  4. Thorsoundcore

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    Jan 22, 2009
    wow,your lucky to have found GC never gets crap like that.and i can't believe they kicked you out...:rollno:
    you should definatly go back and play them again,cause they are rare.might as well grab one if you get a chance.;)
  5. theavondon


    May 11, 2009
    Yeah, I saw an Epi explorer at my local GC too. I noticed the gigantic neck immediately, but, for some reason, I kinda liked it. I wanted to buy it solely for the reason that it would match my guitar player's epi explorer to a T. Even the same hardware color. But, then I realized how dumb of an idea that is. My wallet thanks me.
  6. yea they were both $400 so i doubt i'll be getting one. but it was nice to play them so that i know not to waste my time on the explorer should i see a used one pop up for cheap.
  7. I saw the same scenario in GC manhattan...but I bought the Explorer bass. Hey, can anyone decode this serial number for me?
    I'm hoping it means mine is #666. Yeah, so what is the deal with those? I wasn't aware they still existed! I love mine. They couldn't find a case for it, I had to take it home in a coffin case box. I love it! (I bought it a couple days ago...still can't believe it's mine! First bass I've bought with my own money!)
  8. The closest GC to me is in Soiux Falls, SD, and its literally the samllest of all there stores. There only 2 Musicman basses and no Deans (bass or guitars!!!), no ESP basses. Probably less than 35 basses in total. They dont have any Markbass or an Ampeg 8x10. You guys are lucky to get all that stuff, I have to order online and hope I like it.
  9. Hi.

    If the LTD serial numbering system follows the regular Epi system, Your bass was manufactured in April 09.

  10. Thanks, T-bird. :)
  11. Thorsoundcore

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    Jan 22, 2009
    wow,are they seriously making them again? do you know for sure?
  12. Hi.

    Sure seems like they do, but I can't be 100% certain obviously.
    I don't work in the industry anymore and even that wasn't always a guarantee for accurate information.

    It would be odd though that the serial numbering would differ from the current mfg. standard, or if they had them on stock, waiting for to be sold now.

    I think it's pretty safe to say that these LTD's are a new production run ;).

  13. vbasscustom


    Sep 8, 2008
    kicked out. hmm, i always thought that only 12 year old "rockstars" got kicked out for smashing guitars together. (not my scenerio by the way)