So I got a call from Microsoft!!!!

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  1. Yesterday, I received a call from "Microsoft". The "gentleman" on the phone introduced himself as an engineer from MS and told me that he has been notified that my computer is spreading viruses all over the planet! He wanted me to hit some keys on my keyboard, giving him access to my computer.
    I told him that since my computer was full of viruses, I had stuffed tissue paper into my keyboard to stop the spread and therefore, my keyboard wouldn't work.

    The more I pleaded stupidity, the shorter he got with me.... then he finally hung up.
    Beware of MS phone calls!
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    My wife gets those now and then too. She uses a Mac, so it's a funny conversation.

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    There are videos documenting this all over YouTube.

    I saw one where the guy instructed him to use his command prompt to reveal his I.P. and provide access, among other things. I don't have the link, but he knew he was expecting the call and set up a dummy computer to see just how far the dude, (usually Indian) would take it.
  4. I heard of this scam on the news awhile ago. I would tell the scumbag to go !!!! himself. :woot:
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    Yeah, haven't had one but I've heard of them.
    The one I get frequently is the "Good News! Because of Obama's financial stimulus plan, your credit card company can reduce your balance and payments! Press One to take advantage of this amazing offer."
    er, ah -- I don't have any credit cards.
    I do press 1 and ask the person that answers how they feel about being a crook.
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    We got one of those calls to. My wife asked for a supervisor and another guy came on the phone. She asked for a call back number and he gave her one. She told him she was reporting him to the federal government and hung up. An hour later they called back, she didn't answer.
    I checked the number they gave her, it was for a contractor in the Seattle area.
    Today I got an email from "Yahoo":rollno: saying my account was being terminated per request and they gave me a link to contact them. Hold on guys I'll get right on that. :beaver:
    It seems like the campaign to fraudulently empty my wallet has picked up lately. "We want your money!"
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    Hey buddy, welcome back. I haven't seen you posting recently. Or maybe you were in threads I wasn't.

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    If I ever get one of those calls, I'm going to pretend that I'm trying to do what he says, but I am so inept that I don't know where buttons are and see how long he goes until he hangs up.
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  9. We got one of those calls. Fortunately my dad didn't fall for it. Especially since I built the microsoft Machine that we use now.
  10. That's what I was doing when I told him that I'd stuffed the keyboard with Kleenex tissue to stop the virus. I also asked him if he could help me get the cup holder in my computer to stay open.
    I did have fun with him.
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    That is awesome.

    I usually take whatever they say and turn it into a long-winded fishing story. "Virus? I was out sick from work with a cold virus last September, don't know if I got from the computer, and so went to Lake Bowmern after the German Browns there. After trolling a night crawler near the bottom....on and on and on".
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    Had the same thing happen to me a year ago. He tried and tried to get me to pay for some BS fix and the more I resisted, he kept going lower and lower. Finally got to 'can you afford $5?'! I told him no I wasn't interested and dude went off calling me all kinds of names and threatening to hack my PC and shut it down! I told him to go F*** himself and hung up on him!
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    Scammers need Christmas money, too.
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    Once did a rather lengthy back and forth with some scammer on the "Nigerian prince looking to get cash out of his country" email scam. I told them initially I'd be happy to help so send me 50K and I'd meet him in Paris to discuss details. My next reply detailed how I was so happy to be getting so much money I'd left my wife and taken up with a 17 year old girl and since I was now living in a tent I needed an additional 100K for a house and additional other expenses.

    With every exchange I completely ignored their requests for banking info and continued to amp up the lunacy and demands for more and more money for everything from a new car to singing lessons for my 17 year old girlfriend. Every time they replied with a denial of my money request I'd go off on an extended rant about them approaching me and how I was so eager to help and really needed the money but they were beginning to upset me with all the delays.

    It ended with him them telling me if I didn't supply my banking info someone would come by my place and rough me up, might even kill me if they got too carried away. I did a quick search and found some info on bad witch doctors, including the name of the most notorious one in Nigeria, and my final reply included a detailed account of what my good friend the evil witch doctor was going to do to them if they continued to refuse my requests for an advance, which by then was up to 35 million US dollars.

    Yeppers, I was recovering from a bad wreck and was pretty much bedridden and had waaaaay too much free time on my hands.
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    I got one from Visa saying the same thing (from Texas). Fortunately I was in my usual semi awake state and hung up. If I would've been more alert, I would've seen that the call display said "Visa", and I might've given some info that I shouldn't have. When I phoned Visa later after I noticed the call display they told me that any technical issues would've been addressed by my bank that issues the card and not Visa themselves.
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    I just ask them to hold on a minute and go crank up my bass amp real loud and commence practicing.... they go away
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    I got one the other day and played along, being very stupid telling them I had to wait for it to boot up...still waiting....hold up..."Now what is my password again? Oh yea, it's herbiethelovebug"...and he asked for my user name immediately so I said "John, my name, duh." After about 6 minutes he hung up.
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    And to think I was ready to issue a congrats for a job spot lol :D
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    My F.I.L. got one of these calls and thought it was real. They tried to remote in but it didn't work (facepalm).
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    I got the "Microsoft" call, I played along, he told me a string of keystrokes and I pretended to do them all, then at the end, I asked him if I should have turned on my PC first! HEHE I made myself laugh !