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So I got me a $30 eBay bucks certificate...

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Simon Langley, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Simon Langley

    Simon Langley

    Jun 19, 2007
    Chico, CA
    And I need help spending it. Looking for suggestions on a cool pedal to get. Looking to stay in the $100 range or so.
  2. mouthmw


    Jul 19, 2009
    TC Electronic Ditto Looper. Last thing I added to my chain. Awesome awesome. Great for learning, practicing, creative ideas and solos.
  3. Simon Langley

    Simon Langley

    Jun 19, 2007
    Chico, CA
    Good idea but I already have a looper on my B3. Any others?
  4. If I were you, I'd consider the MXR M80 Bass DI.

    It has a wonderful EQ, multiple outputs, a "color" button to auto-EQ to a surprisingly good sound, which to me, sounds like a modern hi-quality tube amp, and the whole thing also doubles as an adjustable distortion pedal.

    It may be around $110-$120, but it's a quality DI, distortion, and EQ pedal all in one.
  5. dax21


    Nov 26, 2011
    I have an m80 and I highly recommend it as a dirt box/eq, but the magic "color" button is a huge love/hate thing, it's not something that can be universally recommended.
  6. Way Huge Swollen Pickle fuzz ($70-$80), anything made by Danoelectro, almost any clone imaginable can be purchased of the 'Bay it seems these days.
  7. Why don't you tell us what you have before we spout a bunch of things that you have?

    If you don't have a synth I'd say give the BSY-600 a whirl, if you have some money to throw at it. Most people like it more than the Boss variant due to the better tracking and whatnot.
  8. Simon Langley

    Simon Langley

    Jun 19, 2007
    Chico, CA
    Don't want to list what I have because someone might not suggest something because I already have something in that category when I may actually like their suggestion better.
  9. Well, here is the list that I would go about getting if I were to buy some pedals, as well as what I own now and would recommend:

    -MXR M80 (Great pre, nice sounding distortion when you get used to it, sits very nice with a band)
    -MXR BOD (REALLY great octave pedal. Mine tracks to the low E on both my Jazz and P bass)
    -EHX Bassballs (Just a really fun pedal, not a one trick pony as some people say)

    -ZVex Basstortion (Love the sound of this thing, will probably be my next dist. pedal)
    -SA BEF/BEF Pro (Really neat pedals and pretty much essential if you ever want to go for the WubWubs)
    -Way Huge Supa-Puss (Analog delay with Tap Tempo?!? Heck to the yes!)
  10. Simon Langley

    Simon Langley

    Jun 19, 2007
    Chico, CA
    A yes, Bassballs. Always been curious about that one. And gonna have to look at all the way huge line. Thanks for both those ideas.
  11. Simon Langley

    Simon Langley

    Jun 19, 2007
    Chico, CA
    Never mind. Had to use it to by a new condenser motor for my home ac unit. Darn this responsible life.