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So, I played my first gig last night..

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Sagaris, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Well, by gig I mean playing more than one song and not at a school event which I have done twice before.

    So, from the beginning is basically when I met our guitarist about 6/7 weeks ago. He is awesome for his age (14) and we worked well together at putting guitar to the couple of tracks we wrote before. We practiced the songs we were going to play over and over the week before, as you'd expect and we all thought we had got everything down and ready for our first gig as a band.

    Our guitarist is VERY experienced for his age, he's been playing gigs basically every weekend for over a year whereas I... have not.:meh:

    Our main singer, who is a girl, is fantastic at singing and song writing and I sort of feel like I am perhaps the weakest link in our band. But our guitarist insists I'm great, so it's all good.

    So yeah, at the gig we played four songs. We were on second and played two songs before and two songs later in the night. Our first two songs went very well and the room was packed (we were playing in an Old Court House) and it was verrry fun. As the evening wore on there was an interval in which everyone (mostly the "emo" crowd) went out but only some people came back. Turns out the emo crowd just stayed outside smoking weed.

    This left the room emptier for our second two songs, but it was still fun I must say.

    Throughout all of this there was a problem with the Bass I was going to use. I was originally going to use my good friend's Active Bass but that turned out to be a bad idea because the batteries died on it just as I was going on stage. I ended up using my guitarist's dad's Bass, which felt weird at first but I adapted.

    My first (proper) gig.:cool: I can't wait to play more.
  2. clockworkwar


    Mar 20, 2006
    Great Man, Gigging rocks i was a bit scared when i first did it but as soon as i got on stage i was just filled full of joy that people actually came to watch, he he.

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